Hey, it’s summer, and indeed, it’s a warm welcome. The warm weather can make Canadians’ lives a bit uncomfortable, and they find the air conditioner in their homes a great relief. From the beginning of June, the summer can last up to 3 or 4 months. During these hot summer months, your air conditioner will be in constant use, and the last thing you want is for the unit to break mid-season. Maintaining the AC by paying attention to the following signs will help you to call for air conditioning services before a breakdown.

1) Weak Air Flow

Lack of proper airflow from the air conditioner is the first sign that it needs repair. The airflow would be poor because the unit’s compressor would be failing. Or if you are witnessing that certain areas of your house are cold and the other areas are hot, then the problem might be in the ductwork. The duct would be giving issues due to leakage, improper duct sizing, or debris that would have gotten stuck in the air conditioner’s vent. The lack of poor airflow and different temperatures in different areas of your home can present health issues to the family members. So you need urgent air conditioning services to repair the unit.

2) No Cold Air

If you are witnessing that the air coming out of your air conditioner is not cold, even on full blast, then it is a sign for repair. The cause of this problem is a defective compressor or low refrigerant levels. When the air conditioner is not giving out the cold air, then stop using it and call for repairs for air conditioning services. Otherwise, you will just increase your electricity bill.

3) Strange Noises

Noises are scary even if they come from your AC because it means something inside the air conditioner unit is defective. Squealing, grating and grinding sound from the air conditioner can mean that the belt inside the unit might have slipped out of place, or some component in the unity may require more lubrication. In rare cases, the noises can signify that your motor’s bearings have broken and need repair.

4) Foul Odour

If you smell a pungent or unpleasant smell from the air conditioner, it means that an insulation wire in your unit has burnt out. The smell can also generate from the air conditioner if mold is inside the unit or ductwork. It is vital to get air conditioning services at the earliest and clean the mold, as the mold spores are harmful to human health.

If you neglect any of these signs, then you might have to experience your worst summer ever. Keeping your air conditioner maintained will save it from vital damage and prevent it from wasting energy. Keep your mind attentive to all these signs in an air conditioner.