It’s easier than an Edmonton homeowner or apartment tenant might think to save on air conditioning costs. The tips below are either easy to follow in day-to-day life or applicable only on occasion. Used properly, air conditioning can save you money in terms of the productivity you regain!

Close your windows

This tip is as simple as it is effective. Leave your windows closed during the day, but turn your air conditioning off and open them at night. Depending on how much of a draft your home gets, this may be less useful: take note of fewer drafty days and run floor fans or something similar overnight instead.

Make sure your home is set up for your air conditioner

It’s a good idea to have multiple fans, either table- or floor-mounted, to supplement what your air conditioner can already do. These improve air circulation throughout the home, which can allow you to turn off your air conditioner and save. In general, an air conditioner is mostly efficiently used for huge bursts of airflow. Used in conjunction with sufficient ventilation, your air conditioner won’t have to work overtime, and your power bill will improve.

Figure out whether you should replace or repair your air conditioner

Sometimes, your air conditioner will break down, cost more, or otherwise become inefficient. This is a situation you should always fix if you make use of your air conditioning costs in Edmonton, but whether you should replace or repair your air conditioner is an important question. It all depends. In general, repairing is cheaper, and it is more effective if your model has not been repaired multiple times before.

Be decisive

As Edmonton’s summers grow hotter, it’s becoming more important to have good air conditioning. If your HVAC unit starts to lose its edge, don’t wait. Whether it’s May or August, do what’s best and most economical for you. Often this will be getting repairs from a local business. Particularly before and during summer, when the heat runs high and the rainy season is unpredictable, you want your air conditioner working as soon as possible.