Which house doesn’t have to call for a plumbing emergency? We all need it at some point. Plumbing fixtures and pipes that receive maintenance frequently also require the attention of a plumber sometimes. You may also call the plumber for repair or replacement of old equipment. But it is a significant problem if you are calling plumbers more often for plumbing fixtures. This would mean that there is a problem at your end. So you need to take some steps to avoid calling plumbers.

1) Avoid Putting Food Waste in Sink

People have this usual habit of putting leftover food or waste into the kitchen sink. That’s the reason most of the clogs are found in the drain of kitchen sinks. The food debris gets collected in the drain and stops the water from passing. Sometimes, the food debris is sticky and adheres to the surface of the pipe, and the other material slowly sticks to the pipe too, leading to clogs in the pipe. From now on, dispose of the food waste in the garbage and avoid calling plumbers for cleaning.

2) Avoid Flushing Down Things in Your Toilet

Get rid of the habit of flushing down things in the toilet like baby wipes, diapers, floss, sanitary products, napkins, and others in your toilet. These products are meant to be thrown in the dustbin. They don’t dissolve in the water and rather get stuck in the drain resulting in a clog. Just remember that nothing else should be flushed down the toilet except waste, toilet paper, and toilet cleaning liquid.

3) Avoid Hanging Things on Pipes and Fixtures

The purpose of a pipe in the house or any other place is to keep the flow of water intact. If that’s the purpose, then you should keep it that way and avoid hanging things on pipes. Either exposed pipes or fixtures, they are not meant to support any weight on them. Whether it is a shower caddy or wet clothes, nothing should be put on the pipes. The weightage on the pipes can result in visible damage like cracks.

4) Avoid Disposing Chemicals in Drains

There are things we talked about not flushing down the toilet, but it is also important to avoid washing down the chemicals in the drain. Any kind of chemical, even a cleaning liquid solution, should not be washed down. The chemicals lead to clogs in the drains. Some chemical compounds are so toxic that they end up damaging the plumbing system, and sometimes they even back-up. Don’t ever put any chemical in the drain, rather throw them out.

Using these simple tips in your day-to-day life would avoid any complicated issue in your plumbing system. We, at Capital Plumbing, don’t mind our customers calling us again and again for plumbing problems. But our installation and repairs provide a long-lasting solution that won’t require you to call us very soon. For any plumbing emergencies in Edmonton, contact us.