Installing a new furnace for your home in Edmonton offers a lot of benefits to your family. Apart from improving the comfort of your home, it also helps protect your family from heating-related illnesses and prevent fire hazards. Since this project is a big decision, however, you have to consider several important factors before making up your mind.

Maybe a Repair Is What You Need

Buying a new furnace is a lot costlier than fixing the broken unit. Check for vital information about your furnace that could help you make the right decision. Find out about its age and look for clues of irreversible damage. If your furnace is beyond three-quarters of its life expectancy (normally 15 to 20 years), then there’s no doubt that you should replace it.

The Whole Heating System

The heat that your furnace generates is distributed to every room in your house through the duct system. If the reason you’re replacing your old furnace is that it’s no longer giving off enough heat, perhaps you should check the duct system for possible damage first.

Maybe it’s broken and heated air is leaking into the attic or cellar, in which case replacing your furnace may not solve the problem. If the furnace has to go, at least by knowing the condition of your ducts you can include a duct system reconstruction in the project.

Go for the Most Efficient Option

There are many types of furnaces that you can choose from, each using a different type of fuel. With today’s technological advances, however, you can find energy-efficient units that can help lower your bills without giving up the warmth and comfort that your family has come to enjoy. Buying a high-efficiency unit isn’t enough though. You can make some improvements in your home, such as adding insulation, to help increase your home’s efficiency.

Rethink the Size

Perhaps your old furnace is too big and produces more than enough heat. That most likely has an impact on the overall efficiency of your home, as the unit could be wasting a great deal of energy every time you turn it on. Meanwhile, if it’s too small for your home, then it’s probably working twice as hard in keeping your home warm, which has a similar impact on your bill.

Find out about the heat output of each prospective unit and choose one that matches the size of your home. The best way to know best decision to make when replacing your furnace is to consult a plumbing technician. This professional knows the different considerations, has all the necessary resources, and can finish the furnace installation project fast.