As you enter the colder months of the year, a furnace becomes a necessity as it keeps your home nicely warm. The furnace works on a lot of moving parts, which means maintenance is key for its long lifespan. But constant usage, wear and tear, and other reasons could result in inadequate heating or your furnace could face issues with burst pipes, rusty flue, and other common furnace problems. Do you need a furnace repair or a furnace replacement in such a case? Here’s the answer.

Discoloured Pilot Light

A pilot light is what ignites a furnace to produce the required heat. It should be blue, however, in case it is a different colour such as yellow, it hints at a dirty burner or some ventilation problem. Fixing discovered pilot lights could be as easy as cleaning burners unless you need a technician to take care of a complicated ventilation problem.

Poor Air Quality

Since a furnace heats your home, it can affect the air quality as well. If dirt and other deterrents are allowed by harvesting the system or the vents, it opens a breeding ground for bacteria and other foreign elements to float in your home air. This is directly linked to respiratory ailments including cough, cold, and so on. Other symptoms include headache, watery eyes, and itchiness, to name a few. As said, cleaning the furnace system can fix the poor air quality, however, reaching out to professionals to get the system cleaned is recommended.

Noisy System

No furnace is silent but there is a specific sound that it buzzes with during operation. However, squealing noises can denote a slipped fan belt while rattling sounds denote loose panels that would need screw tightening and so on. You can look out for loose panels, screw them tight and check if it helps. If the problem seems persistent, call an HVAC technician and explain the noise coming from the system for efficient furnace repair.

Clutter Around the Furnace

The area around the furnace usually becomes a space for keeping things. This perhaps depletes your furnace’s performance and can, in fact, increase the risk of a fire. There’s no rocket science here; you can easily solve the problem by giving the furnace some space.

Animal Activity

Rats, mice, and other animals can create havoc inside a furnace and the overall ventilation system. Chewed wires, filth, animal droppings, and unwanted materials such as nests can cause more damage to a furnace. Regular maintenance will allow you to keep the furnace neat and tidy from animal activities, often saving the cost of both furnace repair or furnace replacement, should the animal activity render electrical and other systems useless.

Other Common Furnace Problems

Furnaces aren’t made to last a lifetime. Generally, they have a lifespan of about 20 years. Proper maintenance can increase the furnace’s lifespan or get ready to pay extrinsic amounts on furnace repair. Inadequate heating that leaves some spots in the house colder than others dictates that the heating is inadequate and will require some kind of repair to fix it. The severity of the issue and the effects dictates if it’s solvable or serious.

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