Do you have a furnace built inside your home? If so, annual maintenance is a must, simply because your furnace goes through a lot of stress to keep your warm home and cozy!

If you don’t provide proper maintenance, then a lot of problems can arise that can seriously affect your furnace’s efficiency and effectiveness at keeping your home warm. In some cases, it may even put your life in danger if issues were to spew dangerous gases inside your house. 

With that in mind, if you are wondering what signs you can keep an eye out for to show that your furnace needs some maintenance, here are a few examples:

1. The furnace is cycling frequently

When talking about furnace cycling, it is generally about how often the furnace turns on and off. With frequent cycling, it means that the furnace is turning on and shutting off quickly and frequently—and can be caused by a number of problems. 

For instance, it could be because of a thermostat setting that causes the furnace to shut off prematurely. However, it could also be that there is poor airflow to the furnace or a clog in the filter, both of which can easily overheat the furnace and cause it to shut off unintentionally!

2. The furnace’s pilot light is not blue

A normal pilot light will glow blue when everything is working accordingly. If it glows any other colour or if you notice an irregular or faint flame, then it is a sign that something is wrong with the burner! 

It may be that the burner is dirty and, as a result, has clogged up. It can also be a sign that it may be a thermocouple issue, a damaged heat exchanger, or that the ignition is problematic. It can even be a sign that there is too much wind in the room! 

Regardless of the particular reason, irregular pilot light is a sign of trouble, and you need to get the furnace analyzed and maintained to avoid any accidents.

3. There is an excessive amount of soot

Soot is a by-product of furnaces that utilizes gas or oil as its fuel. As such, it is normal to expect soot to build up even after the furnace has been cleaned.

However, trouble arrives when there is too much soot. This can cause heat to exit the home rather than enter the house. It can also act as a fire hazard and can cause a carbon monoxide leak in the room it is located in, thus posing as a health hazard!

With that in mind, if you notice a soot buildup of over 1/8th of an inch and that it builds up quite quickly, have a professional come and check for any issues.


If you notice any of the signs above with your furnace, then your furnace is likely in need of maintenance right away. Be sure to hire a furnace technician as soon as you can so that you can once again operate the furnace without putting your safety or your home in danger of any risks. 

That being said, a well-maintained furnace performs optimally, meaning that in the long run, not only do you avoid having to pay for expensive fixes, but you save a lot of money maximizing the furnace’s performance—two excellent reasons to keep your furnace maintained all year long.

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