If you are out in the market searching for a furnace installation in Edmonton, there’s an age-old question that you will have to deal with. It’s either a gas or an electric furnace that will put you in a dilemma on what type to choose. Perhaps, one type of furnace may not suit your home or it could end up putting a hole in your pockets over time so choosing the right one at the earliest is crucial and here are some pointers for gas and electric furnaces that you should be aware of.

Gas Furnaces

Gas furnaces run on natural gas without which it won’t run. You must have a natural gas pipeline attached to your property to install a gas furnace. If there’s no connection, buying, storing, and utilizing natural gas is very costly. Installing a gas furnace is expensive as it comes with an elaborate set of equipment. Although gas furnaces are made to last a decade or more, wear and tear can break down the system often unless you are maintaining it properly. There’s also a risk of carbon monoxide as a gas furnace produces it as a byproduct and thus, it is required to be dealt with on a priority basis. These were some of the cons of using a gas furnace.

When it comes to the pros, natural gas is amongst the cheapest fuel types you would find. It will help you get the monthly costs down considerably compared to an electric furnace. Plus, gas furnaces are extremely efficient, some at 90 percent of AFUE rating which is almost on a 1:1 ratio. A gas furnace produces heat instantly and can keep your house warm even in extremely cold temperatures.

Electric Furnaces

Just like a gas furnace, an electric furnace has its cons as well. First up, running an electric furnace can be pretty expensive depending upon the cost per unit from your energy provider. Electricity is anyway more expensive than natural gas and thus, the cost will add up over the years of its service. Electric furnaces may carry higher efficiency ratings, however, there is still consensus on their efficiency as well as the time it takes to provide the warmth when activated. Also, electric furnaces may not be well-equipped to provide the required heat during extremely cold temperatures.

Today, most homes in Canada have a gas pipe connection. This makes gas furnaces an ideal choice in Canada. Gas furnaces are known to heat homes quickly. Most often, our professionals recommend that you select gas furnaces.

These were some of the points that paint both the pros and cons of using each type of furnace at your home. It is perhaps advisable to seek help from a professional such as the folks at Capital Plumbing who will guide you on choosing the right type and furnace installation in Edmonton based on your requirements and budget among other factors.