Reading a book with a cup of coffee amidst the adequate heat in the house is the perfect way to spend your winter. Having a furnace at home can be convenient during winters as it will keep you and your home warm and cosy. However, it requires consistent service and maintenance. The proper maintenance increases its longevity and satisfies the user. If you want to repair, replace or install a new one, then this page will guide you through it.

Things to Know About the Furnace

The furnace needs constant maintenance and service to increase its effectiveness and durability.

Do not try to install or repair the furnace yourself either you will hurt yourself, or the damage can get worse. It is the job of the professional. Therefore, if your furnace is not working, call the professional immediately.

The old one demands more maintenance; in addition, the cost of repairing the old furnace is much higher compared to the new ones.

The benefits of installing the new furnace are: 

Advanced safety measures  

Much quieter than old ones

It heats at a faster rate 

Minimal breakdowns 

Energy efficient

The cost of the furnace depends on the size, brand, equipment features, energy efficiency, and the requirement while installing.

Maintenance Tips

You need to check your air filter every month and identify whether any replacement is required. If so, then get it replaced as the frequent replacement of the air filter enhances its performance for heavy use.

You must open all the vents and registers. Also, make sure that you have kept the carpets and furniture away that are going to be affected by this. This will allow the heat to flow properly in your living space.

You must schedule your service before using it for the first time.

You can reset the thermostat according to the requirements of temperature, energy efficiency, and budget.

Cost of Furnace

The cost of the installation of a new furnace ranges between $500 and $1500. One thing to note is that the cost will differ based on brand, energy efficiency, BTU output of the unit, and furnace speed. And the approximate cost for the repairment will be:

Faulty ignitor: $300 to $400

Thermostat replacement: $50 to $200

Blower motor: $150

Gas or smart valve replacement: $150 to $750

Heat exchanger replacement: $500 to $1,200

The furnace is the best solution for winters, and the latest version of the furnace is the ultimate choice for you as it has excellent and beneficial features. However, to ensure its durability, you need to consistently maintain it. For the best furnace maintenance service and installation, connect with Capital Plumbing.