Air Conditioning Installation & Repair

At Capital Plumbing & Heating, we provide air conditioning installation and repair services to both residential communities across Edmonton. With our customer-centric approach to quality heating and cooling services, we are proud to perform these installation, maintenance, and repair services with our upfront pricing and satisfaction guarantee.
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Expert Air Conditioner Installation

Are you interested in an energy efficient air conditioner? Do you want to replace an outdated air conditioning system? If you feel like your air conditioning is not cooling your home to the appropriate temperature, you may be considering whether it’s time for a new unit.

Air conditioning units are built to last for roughly 8-15 years depending on their maintenance over their lifespan. Today, air conditioners are made to be more energy efficient and provide better cooling techniques. For homes that only require room air conditioning, you want to make sure that the right unit is installed.

Should You Replace Your AC?

When your air conditioning unit is not working effectively to cool your home, you may want to replace your entire unit. There are many benefits of replacing your AC, including:
  • Save on operating costs
  • Save on repair bills and services
  • Stay comfortable during fluctuations in temperatures
  • Decrease allergens, bacteria, and viruses
  • Improve efficiency of your home
Capital Plumbing & Heating will save you the trouble of selecting a specific AC model or central cooling system by suggesting ones that offer the right cooling capacity for your property. We handle all aspects of the air conditioning installation process to leave you with a functional, efficient, and cool home.

Air Conditioning Repair & Replacement

Your cooling system suffers from wear-and-tear from consistent, repeated use over time. Your air conditioning unit is a part of a larger cooling system that cools your entire building, including a series of ducts, filters, and the thermostat. To maintain your cooling system, you will need to maintain your equipment with repairs and partial replacements. When you worry that your air conditioning units, ducts, or filters are in disrepair, trust our professionals to restore them back to their efficient condition.

Signs You Need to Repair Your Air Conditioning:

  • You feel warm air.
  • You have poor air flow.
  • Your AC unit is working overtime.
  • You feel humidity inside your home.
  • You notice condensation or leaks around your unit.
  • You smell bad odors.
  • You hear strange noises.
Capital Plumbing & Heating proudly uses top brands and products to supply our customers with top-notch heating and air conditioning technologies. We offer Amana, Biosmart, Micropowerguard, RootX, Nature’s Miracle, ThinkSmart, Nuvo, PowerPipe, PowerVault, and Navien, among other renowned industry names. Because we are nuts about our customers, we bring you innovation, quality, and lasting value with our premium selection of heating and cooling systems.

An Overview of our Featured Products

Furnaces in Edmonton

Capital Plumbing and Heating is a proud supplier of Amana residential heating equipment. Combining Amana’s superior product with our extensive knowledge we can ensure that our customers’ comfort, safety, and product reliability concerns are met and exceeded. We are among the top Amana dealerships in Alberta, and we offer quality residential heating to customers in Spruce Grove/Stony Plain, Sherwood Park and other areas around Edmonton.

Air Conditioning in Edmonton

Capital Plumbing and Heating can ensure that the best options for your home applications are available from our in-house technicians to our extensive network of heating Engineer Consultants. You can be assured of receiving safe, economical, and informed solutions for home air conditioning and heating systems in Edmonton.

Air Quality and Comfort Products in Edmonton

From our exclusive supplier network we can offer various options regarding cooling, humidity control, air filtering, garage heating, and all other aspects of indoor air quality and comfort.

Air Quality and Comfort Products in Edmonton

From our exclusive supplier network we can offer various options regarding cooling, humidity control, air filtering, garage heating, and all other aspects of indoor air quality and comfort.
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Capital Plumbing and Heating was founded in 2001 in Edmonton, Alberta, and our main office is still located there. We proudly serve Edmonton and surrounding areas.

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