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Your home is a place where you can relax, unwind, and feel comfortable. You spend countless hours making your house a home. When issues arise, we understand the frustration of decreased efficiency and malfunctioning heating systems. If your furnace is not working properly, your comfort is compromised. Warm temperatures are replaced with a cold, unwelcome environment that makes you feel less at home.

Our professionals in furnace and heating services are here to restore the function of your home by repairing or replacing any necessary parts. We provide upfront pricing so that you know exactly what to expect with our furnace repair and replacement services.

At Capital Plumbing & Heating, we are nuts about our customers. We provide you with the most comfortable and satisfactory service by only working with suppliers that we trust.
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Do You Need a New Furnace?

Your furnace is old

Furnaces are built to last for roughly 20-25 years depending on the maintenance you put into them.

You hear loud or strange noises

Bumping, rattling, hissing, banging, or creaking sounds may indicate that there is a problem with your furnace.

You notice uneven temperatures throughout your home

Aging furnaces lose their ability to distribute heat throughout the house, especially if you have two stories.

You have higher than normal energy bills

Over time, your furnace loses its efficiency and requires more power to heat the entire property.

You are growing tired of making frequent repairs

When you are constantly having to make repairs to your furnace, it may be time to consider investing in an entirely new furnace.

You notice excessive dust

A buildup of dust in your home may indicate that your furnace is not functioning properly.

When your furnace is showing signs of disrepair or decreased efficiency, you will want to call our heating technician to evaluate your furnace and determine whether repairs or replacements are needed.

Our heating technicians can come to your home and install a new furnace to improve the efficiency of your home. Investing in a new furnace is one of the best things to spend your money on, as it will pay off in the long run. Because furnaces last up to 20 years, you want to choose a quality furnace with the help of our professionals. We only install furnace technology from suppliers you can trust.

Benefits of Installing a New Furnace:

  • New furnaces are much quieter than the old ones
  • Energy efficient
  • Heats faster
  • Safety increased
  • Fewer breakdowns
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At Capital Plumbing & Heating, we offer expert furnace installation, repair, and maintenance.


We always aim for customer satisfaction with every job. This ensures high quality repairs and services that you can trust. We only partner with suppliers we trust to provide you with the best technology that will improve the efficiency of your home and last for many years.


Our company has grown to be one of the most reliable plumbing companies in the Central Alberta area. We managed this level of remarkable growth through our dedication to customer satisfaction, good quality work, and keeping on top of the latest technology and industry techniques.


Our upfront approach to pricing ensures that customers are well-informed about what to expect with each service we provide. The Straight Forward Pricing Guide gives you all the upfront pricing to expect, with no hidden costs or overtime fees.

If you need furnace repair and services, trust the experts at Capital Plumbing & Heating with your heating needs. Contact us to schedule an appointment with us today!

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By taking the initiative to address problems before they become unmanageable, you’re able to keep yourself, and the rest of your family, safe and comfortable.You can also experience drastic savings on your utility bill by updating your older equipment to a more modern and fuel efficient furnace. Let our team help you pick the most energy-efficient furnace for your home. For more information on how we can help you with any of your heating or plumbing needs, call us today!

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Furnace Installations and More

St. Albert, Alberta – Residents of St. Albert who need a heating system to provide them added comfort during the winter and an air conditioning system to keep them cool in the summer, can count on Capital Plumbing & Heating’s Edmonton technicians to make the right installations.Sherwood Park – Businesses and other commercial properties in Sherwood Park can also rely on us for top-of-the-line furnaces and heating systems as well as trouble-free air conditioning systems. We offer Amana heating systems, a top-rated brand widely known for its durability and extreme reliability.

Furnaces in Edmonton

Capital Plumbing and Heating is a proud supplier of Amana residential heating equipment. Combining Amana’s superior product with our extensive knowledge we can ensure that our customers’ comfort, safety, and product reliability concerns are met and exceeded. We are among the top Amana dealerships in Alberta, and we offer quality residential heating to customers in Spruce Grove/Stony Plain, Sherwood Park and other areas around Edmonton.

New Furnace Installs

Furnace installation is one of the best things you can put your money in. Old furnaces may cost you more for repairs. A furnace can last up to more than ten years. But if the furnace is giving you more problems, then it might be the time to replace the furnace with a new one. A new furnace won’t have much additional work to do, and you can rest easy in the hot air, in chilled winter.

Benefits of New Furnace

  • New furnaces are much quieter than the old ones
  • Energy efficient
  • Heats faster
  • Safety increased
  • Fewer breakdowns
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Commonly Used Furnaces

The most commonly used furnaces are oil and natural gas furnaces. These types of furnaces are used in places where temperatures are shallow during winters. Old furnaces may be causing leakages which you would need to repair. So better go for a new one. The new furnace will heat the room quickly and won’t cause you any repairs.

In the period of ten years, the technology has developed, and new electric furnaces have come into existence. They have new variable-speed technology where you can set the temperature and not like an old furnace where you cannot control the speed. They are safer and efficient than the old gas and oil furnaces. You can set the temperature by using the program according to your liking.

To install a new furnace in the house you can rely on us. We have been in the field of plumbing, heating and air conditioning for over a decade. For installations, maintenance and repairs, you can rely on our team to get the job done fast and adequately. If you have a furnace and it is troubling you, then contact us soon so it will be saved from any more breakdowns.

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We're Nuts About Our Customers!
Capital Plumbing and Heating was founded in 2001 in Edmonton, Alberta, and our main office is still located there. We proudly serve Edmonton and surrounding areas.

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