The forced-air furnace is the most preferred home heating system in Canada. Forced air furnaces distribute optimum indoor heat evenly throughout every room in a home through a structure of vents and air ducts. These furnaces are generally powered by natural gas, propane, oil, or electricity.

Some models consume a combination of two types of fuel: wood-electric or oil-electricity. This setup allows the forced-air furnace to meet the heating demands of homeowners during extreme weather conditions.

Unfortunately, forced-air furnaces lose their efficiency as they near the end of their service life. Your furnace will eventually begin to break down, prompting the need to call a trusted service to come and repair the furnace in Edmonton. Fortunately, forced-air furnaces will exhibit warning signs before they fail:

Common Furnace Problems

Faulty Pilot Light – The pilot light is a standard component of gas-powered furnaces. If yours won’t stay lit, inspect the furnace for either a loose or faulty thermocouple device, or a clogged vent opening. If neither is a problem, you may clean the mouth of the vent or orifice by thrusting a thin wire into the small passage to remove any debris. Meanwhile, manipulate the pilot’s flame adjustment screw to give you the standard 1 1/2-inch to 2-inch flame. On a related note, pay attention to the color of the flame; a bright yellow flame may indicate your furnace is emitting carbon monoxide.

Poor Heating – If your home is not heating properly, you may have a problem with your thermostat. A quick adjustment of the temperature should settle this issue quickly, especially if the temperature outside is unusually lower than usual.

Uneven Heating – Your furnace is designed to keep the temperature of your entire home comfortable. If you notice that the distribution of heat is not even between the different rooms of your home, you may need to have an HVAC professional clean out your furnace’s filter and/or the air ducts of your heating system.

Most furnace heating problems are usually attributed to a blown fuse, faulty pilot lights, tripped circuit breaker, and thermostat malfunctions. These issues can be difficult to address if you do not have experience in furnace repair. This is why the task is best left to the pros. If you live in Stony Plain and other nearby areas in Edmonton, do not hesitate to call a leading heating company in the area such as Capital Plumbing & Heating Ltd.