Modern furnaces can provide superior levels of heat and comfort within any Edmonton home. Even the most efficient units, however, will serve few benefits if the structure itself is not properly insulated. What are some ways to make certain that homes are prepared for the harsh winter months?

Common Areas Where Drafts Can Occur

The peripheries of doors and windows are common sources of heat loss. If these are not properly sealed, hundreds of dollars a year can be squandered in terms of heating costs. Use a small candle and see if the flame is flickering around certain areas. This tends to be a surefire sign that additional insulation is necessary.

What Can the Roof Reveal?

After the first snowfall has occurred, walk outside and take note of any areas of the roof that are bare. These might signal that heat has escaped and that the snow has subsequently melted. Confirm this suspicion by looking in the attic for lost, damaged, or otherwise worn insulation.

Insulating Pipes

While modern furnaces can pump out massive volumes of hot water, the fact of the matter is that this water needs to be properly insulated until it reaches the tap. One very common heating recommendation is to cover pipes with foam insulation as soon as they exit the furnace. It has been shown that this type of protection is able to increase the temperature of the water by as much as 4ÂșC.

Maintain the Furnace

As the furnace is the primary source of heat, it makes a great deal of sense to carefully examine it for faults before the cold weather arrives. Make certain that all filters are free from debris. Check for any rust spots or small puddles of water. Listen for “clunking”, knocking, or hissing sounds.

Check that the pilot light is defined by a crisp blue flame.
These are some of the most effective ways to increase the heating efficiency of any Edmonton or Spruce Grove home. Of course, it is extremely wise to utilize the services of a professional furnace specialist if there are any doubts; particularly if the furnace is not functioning as it should.