Your home furnace (especially if it’s the forced hot air variant) should have a blower assembly composed of a motor and fan, which is responsible for making air circulate around your home. When the blower assembly is in optimal condition, the entire furnace works smoothly as a result. However, should it fail to work the way it was intended, there might already be problems with its inner workings.

Case in point—when the blower continuously works long after you’ve powered your furnace down, you’ve got a problem. Two general reasons explain this specific issue: either the limit/roll-out switch is open or failing, or there’s an issue with the ignition system (this situation causes the blower to run even if there’s no heat at all).

After all this, there’s one thing to keep in mind: your furnace’s blower must shut off after the furnace itself is turned off as well. Before calling for heating plumbers in or around Edmonton, you can try a few things to rectify the issue. Firstly, you can check your unit’s thermostat.

If the fan switch is in the “auto” position, then the blower will obviously keep on running long after the furnace is powered down. Turn the switch to the “off” position and see if it works. Should this prove futile, you have no choice but to turn off the breaker and call a servicer from companies such as Capital Plumbing and Heating.

You can also check out your furnace’s fan limit switch on the blower itself if it has one. This type of switch can manually keep the fan running. Before pulling the cover off though, see if the switch includes controls such as a push-pull switch or knob. The fan motor can run continuously depending on either position of the switch (pushed in or pulled out), so be sure to toggle it accordingly.

Still nothing? Then your unit’s pilot light might be to blame. When the pilot light goes out, you can identify if this is the case by getting a feel of the temperature in the vents. If you don’t feel any heat at all but still feel air coming through the vents, the pilot light likely went out sometime earlier. You can try to re-light this and see if it does the trick.

Should the aforementioned methods not produce desired results, then it’s time to call a professional right away. A seemingly unidentifiable issue with your furnace blower can be handled by a seasoned heating plumber from in or around Spruce Grove without much worry.