If you are a resident of Alberta, chances are you’re no stranger to the below-zero temperatures of winter. With these extreme weather conditions, it isn’t any wonder why homeowners are very dependent on an ample supply of hot water. It is therefore incumbent for everyone to keep their water heaters in top-notch shape.

Identifying Common Hot Water Tank Issues

A hot water tank fills itself with water before it starts heating its contents. In some cases, the water isn’t hot enough or it may be too hot. First, check the temperature setting and adjust it as needed. Otherwise, a gas leak or an electrical issue may be to blame for the tank’s inadequate performance.

Your tank, on the other hand, may not be producing enough hot water. For instance, after someone uses the shower or bath, the next person to bathe or wash must wait until the hot water is replenished. Such is a concern in many large Canadian households with fluctuating yet frequent water usage.

If the tank can’t produce a sufficient amount of hot water, it might be too small. Most heating specialists recommend buying a bigger hot water tank or simply upgrading to a tankless water heating system.

The Advantage of Going Tankless

If you think your hot water tank isn’t large enough for your family’s requirements, you can consider upgrading your system and installing a tankless or demand-type water heater. This type of system does not require any storage or water reservoir. As soon as you turn the knob on your shower, water flows through your pipes into a heating element usually found next to the water outlet. The heating component may either be powered by gas or electricity. Even when everybody is using the faucets or showers simultaneously, a constant supply of hot water flows in the various locations.

Natural Resources Canada reminds the public to check the EnergyStar certification of electric tankless water heaters before purchasing one. These models can promise you up to 30% in savings on your energy bill. Plus, you can enjoy a continuous supply of hot water that meets the demands of every person in the family. This is a particularly practical feature that residents can appreciate during the chilliest months of the year. These water heaters are also denoted by their EF or energy factor—the higher the figure, the greater amount of energy saved when the heater is engaged.
If you would like to know more about Edmonton hot water tanks or tankless systems, be sure to consult with the professionals. They can assess your home, inspect your units, and make sure your heaters are operating at optimum levels to meet your demands.