During the winter months, everyone is worried about their home drainage system freezing over, but hardly anyone ever thinks about the damage the drainage system can face during the summer months. That’s right, hot weather can be just as bad for your home drainage system! Why is that? Here is the answer.

It Can Cause Pipe Bursts

The most significant risk hot weather poses to your home drainage system is structural damage. Hot weather can damage your drainage system in one of three ways. The hot weather causes the metal pipes to expand. Over time, such expansion of pipes during the day can stress the metal and cause fissures or tears on the pipe’s surface, leaking to leaks or pipe bursts. On the other hand, hot water causes the ground to dry up, which leads to soil compaction. Hot weather, lack of rain, and compacted soil put stress on the drain pipes and lead to collapsed drains. Lastly, if you have exposed drain pipes made of PVC, the hot weather and the sun’s UV rays can cause them to go brittle and split, leading to leaks.

It Increases the Chances of Root Intrusion

While the hot weather causes the soil to dry up, it also makes the plants and trees to grow their roots deeper into the ground. So, trees’ roots around your home drainage system can find a way into the drainpipe via a small hole or leak and grow there. Remember, the drainage system is the perfect environment for roots to grow. This can cause a full-blown clog caused by root intrusion.

It is Linked to Clogged Drains

That’s right, hot weather is linked to clogged drains, but not directly. The reason we say this is because we see more clogged drains during summertime. This is mainly due to the increased use of toilets during the hot weather. People drink a lot more water, have more baths, and go to the beach and bring back the salt and sand with them to their bathrooms. If you notice that you and your family use the toilets a lot more during the summer months, you can easily avoid drained clogs. Simply avoid flushing things like coffee granules, oil, grease, food scraps, paper towels, and wipes down the drains.

We know it sounds worrisome that your home drainage system is not safe even during the summer months, but these problems can easily be avoided. All you need to do is contact Capital Plumbing. We will thoroughly inspect your drainage system and ensure it is healthy and free of any impending problems for the hot weather.