The use of lead within plumbing and irrigation systems has been traced back as far as Roman times. As this metal was easily shaped and manipulated, it was a common choice within the home. Unfortunately, lead is also a toxic metal and it is important to remove it from any modern structure. Fortunately, reliable Edmonton and Stony Plain plumbers can help.

The Health Effects of Lead
There are several dangers associated with water-borne lead. It can negatively affect the nervous system, cause kidney problems, increase the chances of anemia, and contribute to high blood pressure.

The risk to children and developing fetuses, on the other hand, is extremely high. These are some of the main reasons why any family moving into a new home should always secure the services of qualified Edmonton plumbers. They will know what to look for and if a problem exists, it can be quickly diagnosed.

The Prevalence of Lead

It has been shown that any home built before 1980 is likely to still have lead soldering between the pipes. This lead can leach into the water and cause potentially damaging health conditions. So, plumbers will check to see the type of solder that was used. If it is found to be a lead-based product, the expert will remove the joint and replace it with a safer substance.

Lead in Taps

It is interesting to note that lead is still used during the construction of many taps. Although the amounts employed are considered to be minute, some prefer completely lead-free taps. Some manufacturers instead utilize other chemicals such as bismuth, phosphorous, and silicon.

These are non-reactive substances that are completely safe. Of course, replacing fixtures can be an expensive prospect. It is always wise to consult with certified Stony Plain plumbers to see what options they have to offer.

Thankfully, many homes are now completely free from lead. It is nonetheless wise for a property owner to have all systems thoroughly examined. Prolonged exposure to this chemical can lead to profound physical and mental problems. Anyone with children or who has just purchased an Edmonton property should opt for an inspection from a trained professional.