Have you ever noticed that when you take a bath,  the water gets collected near your feet rather than going in the drain? Or do you wash your dishes and the water doesn’t drain in the sink properly? These are the signs of clogging in the drain.

You shouldn’t leave the maintenance of the pipe for too long as it may cause some serious inconvenience. Drain cleaning should be conducted as soon as you spot it. Some clogs lead to small flooding, but some can lead to severe water damage. So here are the instances when you must opt for drain cleaning.

Slow Drainage

The waste in the water pipe gets collected and slows down the flow of water, and later it leads to clogging. If you see the water draining in the sink at a slow pace, call your plumber for drain cleaning. Or other clues of clogged drains can be gurgling sounds coming from the drainages and water pooling around toilets or drains. Pay attention to such things happening in your home and fix them, so that it doesn’t lead to more significant issues.

Sewer Smell

Bad smells develop in the drains when waste is stuck in a considerable amount. It can happen in any drain of the home, depending on the circumstances. But it mostly occurs in the kitchen drain as the kitchen drain is exposed to more waste compared to other drains. If the bad smell is coming out of multiple drains of the home, you should call the plumber to resolve the issue.

Bad smells spreading out in the other system of drains are the symptoms of some big issues in the sewer system. This might not get resolved with simple drain cleaning techniques. Call the professionals as soon as possible and let them check and fix it before it gets worse.


To keep your drainage system clean and working without any issues, call a professional and conduct drain cleaning at least once a year. This will save you significant time and money spent to tackle major plumbing issues. It will also prevent clogging in the sewer system and keeps the sewer system running efficiently.

Make sure to conduct drain cleaning frequently. Maintained drains are fit for the long run, and in the long run, you get to spend less on the repair. You can do some drain cleaning yourself, but for better results, call us. We have some of the best-skilled professionals in Edmonton who know how to keep home’s plumbing system at its best.