The holiday season calls for large family gatherings and parties. As festive as these events sound, specific problems, such as frozen drains, can throw a wrench in them. As the holiday cooking and cleaning are in full effect, the drainage system can collapse due to the workload or the weather conditions. Capital Plumbing and Heating has released this guide to provide solutions to your clogged and frozen drains. 

Clogged Drains 

To avoid clogged kitchen drains during the busy holiday season, keep up with the following steps: 

Disposing Proper Items

Certain items, such as peels and veggies, are too thick for garbage disposal. They can cause damage to the disposal as well as clog the drains. Things like cooking oil, meat bones, grease, coffee grounds, etc., should be kept away from garbage disposals. They should be disposed of in trash cans instead.  

Using Cold Water

Cold water can move the food waste from the drain more intensively. That is why it is advised to keep the cold water running for several seconds after you dispose of your garbage. It will avoid any unnecessary clogs. 

Regular Cleaning 

Cleaning your garbage disposal regularly will help eliminate any extra waste stuck inside it. This will ensure that the disposal’s function remains smooth. 

Frozen Outdoor Drains 

While kitchen drains are prone to get clogged, outdoor drains are at risk of freezing due to the cold temperature. You can reduce the chances of damage to these drains by: 

Upgrading Plastic Drains 

If you are using plastic drains, you should upgrade to metal drains as they have a higher tolerance for freezing temperatures than plastic. Their composition and elasticity make them stronger and more reliable.

Cleaning the Drain 

The outdoor drains are more vulnerable to heavy snowfall or rainwater in the winter season. You should clean the drain regularly to ensure no debris, leaves, or snow are stuck inside it. 

In case of any urgency, you can call Capital Plumbing and Heating. We provide premium drain-cleaning services. Our emergency plumber will be at your doorstep, no matter the time, because we offer services 24/7.