Plumbing problems occur when you are least expecting them to happen. Just imagine a water pipe cracking with a gush of water, flooding the whole kitchen within a few hours. At that moment you need to have a plumber’s contact number so that they can always rush and fix the problem to prevent any further damage. But the question is how you can find the best plumber that you can rely on in such emergencies? Well, you just need to consider the following tips to hire the best professional!


When it comes to plumbing, you obviously want your plumber to offer services that cover most of your plumbing issues. But if you want a plumber who should be experienced in one particular service (for instance – water pressure assessment or drain treatment), you need to check the services provided by plumbers that suit your needs.

Qualification and Professional Experience

When you hire a plumber, scrutinise the certifications of the plumber. A good amount of experience added with certifications tells a lot about the plumber’s skills and expertise. Many forget to check on the certifications of the plumber. As a result, they end up with the wrong plumber and get a low-quality plumbing service. Having years of experience and certifications help you to get an idea of the services they will provide in the future. Along with these, also look for the license of the plumbers. There are many states in Canada where it’s mandatory for the plumbers to hold a license. A license will indicate that there has not been any legal complaint filed against the plumber that you are going to hire.

Pricing Method

A professional plumber will always assess the problem accurately and provide estimated prices to you. You need to consider the quote that the plumber is providing. Find out if the pricing structure of the plumber is based on a contract basis or per-visit basis. Compare the costs and pricing structure with other service providers to choose a cost-effective plumber.

Communication Skills

If you are choosing a plumbing company, the company should communicate well and revert on time. A quick response from the company indicates their prompt services provided while you have an emergency and urgently need their plumbing services in the future. Call the plumber or email them to see how readily available they are or how quickly they get back.

Do Your Research

Personal– While looking for a plumber, ask your neighbours and relatives who have recently gotten their plumbing work done. Ask for their experience while working with their plumber. This will help you assess the professionalism of the plumber including the timeliness and cleanliness maintained during and after the services were provided.

Online – If you are searching for plumbers online, check their online reviews and customer feedback on the services that they have provided. Opt for a plumber who has got good reviews and ratings.

Make sure you consider several plumbers and keep these points in mind while selecting the plumber for your house. Don’t rush into hiring someone and then suffer later!