Having a furnace in Alberta is a must! Winter is here, and you need a properly functioning furnace to keep you and your loved ones warm. Whether you need one replaced or existing one is giving problems, we would recommend you have a qualified technician service it or replace it if necessary. If you are planning on replacing your home furnace here are some things that you should keep in mind:


The most crucial aspect to look at while making your choice is the size of the system. If your home furnace is too big, it could overheat your home and consume a lot of energy. Buying a furnace that is undersized for your home will not heat your home evenly or efficiently. Installing a furnace of the right size is key to having enough heat in your house and not overspending. Therefore, look at the size of your home, your requirements, and also space availability when buying a furnace.  Excellent companies do a complete home comfort survey and take many measurements to ensure the correct size is installed.

Fuel Type

You must consider the fuel type that will be used to run your furnace. There are many available options such as gas, oil or electric-powered forced air furnaces. Electric and natural gas are rated among the top best heating options in Canada. Depending on your usability and fuel prices, you can select which one suits your requirements the best.


Some brands are known to offer amazing and high-quality home furnaces. Make sure you research and consider all the brands available, compare the features and price, and only then buy your home furnace. Make sure you buy your home furnace from a reputable company that offers proper guarantees and warranties for the system you buy.

Zonal Guidelines

There’s something else that you need to consider while buying a furnace. You may not know of these, but you may have several zonal rules and guidelines to comply with in Canada. Apart from being ENERGY STAR rated, the furnace should meet certain requirements laid by the government. Make sure you know these rules and guidelines in your province before you step out of your house. Look for variants that fit the guidelines. Failing to match the requirements will result in penalties.

Lastly, you must also consider the price of the home furnace because, after all, the cost of the mechanism also matters. If you cannot make the right choice, you can seek assistance from our certified technicians. We will not only suggest the best option available for you but also provide you with advice and services to ensure that your furnace lasts.