If you just came out shivering after a cold shower, we know what you are going through. Hot water heaters can malfunction if you are not careful. It doesn’t mean that you have to make do without hot water. You can fix the underlying problems in your gas or electric water heater by applying a few simple solutions. 

Resolving Hot Water Issues In Gas Heaters

Most people use a gas heater in their households, mainly due to the lower cost of gas than electricity. However, certain problems, such as gas leaks or the pilot light going out, are common in gas heaters. Here is how you can resolve these problems without much of a fuss.

Gas Leaks 

If you have a gas water heater, the heating problem may stem from gas leaks. A gas leak detector can be rather helpful in such a situation. Moreover, using soapy water can be a safe method to confirm the area of the leak you suspect. For something like this, consider calling a professional emergency plumber when dealing with stubborn gas leaks.

Pilot Light

Most gas-related issues involve the thermocouple located close to the pilot light burner. This safety device shuts off the gas if the pilot light goes out. The pilot might also go out due to dust or debris buildup around it. In such a case, you will need to clean it up properly. Moreover, you must ensure that you have enough gas in the furnace’s reservoir to keep the pilot light burning.

How To Fix An Electric Water Heater?

An electric heater’s lack of hot water supply may result from two things. Usually, the circuit breaker trips and stops the electric supply to the heater. The second issue may arise when the electric heater reaches its temperature limit. Here is how you can solve these two problems:

Check The Breaker Switches

Tripping circuits can cause the electric water heater to shut down. In such cases, all you have to do is check the breaker switches. The circuit has broken if they are in the middle of the ON and OFF option. Turn the switch OFF and then put it ON to restart the electric heater.

Reset The Temperature Limit

Most of the time, the electric heater will reach its temperature limit. Follow the given steps to turn on the water heater:

  • Turn off the breaker switch of the electric heater.
  • Remove the service panel.
  • Look for a red switch.
  • Press the red witch to reset the temperature limit.
  • Turn on the breaker switch and wait for the heater to restart.

If you can’t fix the “no heat” issue after following these steps, you need to call the local plumber from Capital Plumbing and Heating to resolve the problem.