Tankless water heaters are highly efficient as they heat water only on demand, saving energy consumption and bills. While these systems are more expensive, they are also more efficient. It is a one-time investment that goes a long way in long-term savings. Yet, there are specific problems faced in tankless water heaters that are not adverse but should be rectified. Here are some ways of how you can get rid of these common problems.

Flush the Water Heater

Whether you use a traditional or a tankless water heater, sediment buildup is one common issue faced by both systems. This buildup is generally due to hard water that comes into the water heater, which entirely depends on the source of water. Hard water contains naturally-occurring minerals like calcium and magnesium that form into sediment particles that settle to the tank bottom. Such sediment buildup leads to fluctuations in water temperature and rises in energy bills. It is best to flush the water heater every six months so that all these particles are flown out. Besides, you can use a water softener to slow down the buildup.

Open Gas and Water Valves

Ignition failure is another problem faced in tankless water heaters that should be rectified at the earliest before it causes significant damage to the system. The gas supply may cause this issue. If your gas valve or water valves are not fully opened, this could also cause the ignition to fail. Ensure to open these valves, and if the issue is still persistent, it is recommended that you contact a technical professional as it could be a bigger problem.

Reduce System Overload

If you are using a tankless water heater more than its capacity, it can cause system overload. This happens when multiple showers are running or showers, washing utensils; everything is being done simultaneously. It reduces the water heater’s capacity to supply hot water and may lead to shutdown or breakdown of the entire system. In such cases, it is best to reduce the demand for hot water by reducing simultaneous applications. Even after this, if you face an overload issue, consider installing another tankless water heater if your need for hot water is considerably high.

Unblock all Vents

Ensuring all vents and exhausts are unblocked or unclogged is essential for both tankless and traditional water heaters’ smooth functioning. The tankless water heater indicates that your supply or exhaust is blocked; this means the heating system has an issue with combustion air or venting. Undertaking thorough inspections at regular intervals and ensuring all vents are cleared can reduce the number of problems greatly. If you cannot do it at the home level, it is best to get in touch with a professional.

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