If there’s a bad odour in your kitchen and it isn’t of burnt food or garbage, it’s likely the kitchen sink. A smelly sink in any corner of the house can make it difficult to live in. If the smell is unbearable, you may have to call for a quick professional plumbing service to fix any probable drain issues. Here are home hacks to follow to get rid of the stink in your sink if you have a garburator.

Dish Soap with Hot Water

This trick is probably the easiest one you can get your hands on. Put a stopper in the sink and fill it with hot water. Squirt some dishwashing soap into the sink and let it remain there for a few seconds. Follow this up with removing the stopper and unplugging the sink to flush the water out. The sink will be sanitized and look refreshed. If you substitute the plug mechanism by just letting the water run through the sink, it may not be as effective.

Salt, Lemon Peel and Ice Cubes

The blend of salt and lemon peel with ice cubes is a packed wonder. Throwing in ice cubes with salt in the sink will help knock the food from its edges and scrub the sides. The lemon peel will add freshness to the insides of the sink, leaving behind a citric yet pleasant smell in the kitchen.

Lemon Ice Cubes with Vinegar

Another trick is trying out the combination of iced lemon with vinegar. Keep slices of lemon in small cups and add distilled white vinegar in the cups. Freeze them overnight. Remove the cubes from the cups the next morning, and pop 2-3 in the sink with a low stream of water running down. You’ll notice the stink is gone away in no time.

Baking Soda with Vinegar

You can remove any remnants of food from the sink drain and disinfect it with the mix of baking soda and vinegar. The addition of baking soda to distilled white vinegar forms bubbles which helps in the process of stink removal. The bubbles will stay for around 5 to 10 minutes after which you can run water through the sink.

Citrus Rinds

You can choose to place fresh citrus rinds in the sink and run hot water through it with the garburator on. This easy solution helps in giving the sink a refreshing smell and take any odour away.

If the odour still remains in the sink after any or all these remedies there may be an underlying problem to your stinky sink. Opt to call for a professional plumber for plumbing service and have your rooms smelling fresh and welcoming as none of this can substitute a plumbing service.