You’ve probably seen horror movies in which paranormal activities are typically depicted by strange noises coming from the ceiling or basement. In real life, these strange noises may come from a broken furnace, and if neglected, you may soon be dealing with real horror. Before winter sets in Edmonton, make sure that your furnace is working fine, and this means no strange noises should be haunting your family every night.

Noises You Shouldn’t Ignore

Like any other equipment, your furnace will create a particular sound when running because it consists of many different components. You should hear a smooth, continuous sound that is neither too loud nor too soft to know that your furnace is functioning properly. When your unit starts making a rattling, screeching, or banging noise, it could mean trouble. Do not use your furnace until you figure out what’s wrong and fix it. Using it while the sound is still present could lead to even bigger problems.

What the Noises Mean

Turn on the furnace and listen to the sound it creates very carefully. If you hear a squealing or screeching noise from the blower motor, you may be dealing with a bad belt or a motor-bearing issue. Loud rattling and thumping, on the other hand, could mean a vital component in the system is coming loose. If the rattling is coming from the outside compressor and fan unit, it may indicate a failing motor.

What You Should Do

Regardless of the kind of strange noise you are hearing, do not attempt to dismantle the unit until you’re sure where to look and to what extent your exploration of the system should be. If you accidentally break a component or miss out on a screw during reassembly, you will do your furnace more harm than good.

This is why it is crucial to leave furnace inspection and repair to professionals. Not only do they have the proper skills, which they’ve acquired from many years of experience, but they also have the right tools that can help them avoid damaging your furnace during the repair. Furthermore, they can give the most accurate advice on your next course of action.

Most strange noises are caused by issues that can be fixed by realigning or replacing some parts. Some noises, however, may indicate irreversible damage to your furnace. Your plumbing technicians will then advice you to consider furnace replacement, and to make sure that you will not deal with the same troublesome noises again, let them install the new furnace, too.