Nothing damages the aesthetic of your newly furnished bathroom, which you have spent a fortune on, more than a rust-stained toilet. The rust gets more difficult to remove after every use until a replacement becomes inevitable. Before you start looking for a refund on your new toilet, put down that bottle of bleach and go through some preventive measures – as outlined below – that will allow you to make the most of your investment.  

Causes of Rust on Your Toilet and How to Avoid Them

Prior to scrubbing every spot of rust on your toilet, it is best that you know what causes them. The major cause of rust stains in the toilet is iron. If your water supply has a high iron concentration, that might be what is causing those reddish-brown stains.  

Here are some possible reasons that might lead to a rust-stained toilet and some measures you can take to avoid this.

Bad Cleaning Practices

One of the main causes of rust buildup can be bad cleaning practices. Not every fixture requires products like bleach to clean. In fact, bleach can make these stains more awful. Moreover, using a scrubber made from hard material can cause scratches on the toilet bowl surface, making stain removal impossible. 

Toilet bowls require the right cleaning products to achieve the best result. Mixing vinegar, baking soda, and water paste can also be an alternative if you do not have proper products on hand.

Old Pipes

Old plumbing, especially iron pipes, can become degraded, causing iron rust to mix into the water. This is a more severe scenario and can require contacting an emergency plumber from Capital Plumbing and Heating to get your pipes checked out.

No Iron Filter or Water Softener

Now that you know iron-contaminated water causes rust, you might be wondering how to lower those concentration levels. Plumbing companies in Edmonton can help you install a water softener or iron filter. These can help reduce the iron concentration in your water supply.

Take Away

Rusted toilets are a house owner’s worst nightmare. You can contact the experts at Capital Plumbing to help with your pipe inspections and water filter installation.