A warm water bath or shower in your home after a long day is as comforting as laying in your mother’s lap. But what if you come home to a water heater that requires maintenance? Read to know how you can maintain your water heater the DIY way.

Descaling the System

The water in different areas can be hard water and contain a lot of mineral matter unless you have a water softener. The process of removing any accumulated build-up of these minerals and scale from inside the system is called descaling. When the minerals in the water settle in the system it results in an accumulation of scale. A significant amount of vinegar can be used to break down the accumulation. This is followed by the flushing process.

Flushing the System

Flushing the water heater needs to be performed every 6 to 12 months. Before you begin the flushing process for the water heater, be sure to shut off the main power source to it. It is important to close and turn off the valves attached to the heater. This will relieve any pressure inside the valves that have been built up and prevent any excess water shoot out during the cleaning process. Make sure to handle the valves accurately since they are required for your water heater to function properly.

First, attach a hose to the isolation valve and a small pump to the other end of the cold water hose. Next, connect the ends of the water hose and circulation pump to a bucket of water. When the pump is switched on, the water will circulate through for about an hour in the tankless water heater. The circulation of water will remove minerals or any rudiments that are deposited in the system.

Your system will be clean because of the force of the water. You may be required to use a sump pump and connect hoses to flush and discharge the water from the valves. The instruction manual would be the best choice to follow while performing the procedure.

After the process is complete, remove and disconnect the hose from the valves. Replace the open valves with their caps and close them firmly. Run water through the pipe to allow air pockets to escape from within.

Filtering the System

While following the descaling process for your water heater, you can simultaneously clean the air intake filter. It is necessary to clean the heater to keep clean air flowing into it and filter it off any debris that has got into the unit. You can access the air filter by removing the frame of the heater, for which the manual will give specific instructions.

If you are comfortable performing your maintenance, go ahead, or you can call a plumber to gain access to the filter and help clean the system. This may be preferable to ensure all warranties remain in place. Investing in maintaining your water heater is necessary and consulting your plumber for the maintenance would be a smart choice to give your tankless water heater a longer life and functionality!