Staying warm in winter requires more preparation than you think. If you have a boiler system for heating, you must prepare it because winter is just around the corner. A few tips can help you maintain your boiler throughout the winter without a single hiccup. Here is what you need to know.

Boiler Evaluation

The first step in maintaining a boiler is to get a boiler evaluation. A professional from Capital Plumbing and Heating will assess the condition of your boiler. If you had set aside your boiler for the summer season, there might be dirt buildup in the boiler tubes. An evaluation will help you remove defective parts or fix the ones that need repair. 

Regular Repairs 

Leaving a boiler to fill with dust and rust can turn it into an angry bubbling machine. You need to schedule repairs yearly to keep its components in good shape. When the boiler has spent a few years in your home, get the repairs spaced at the quarter of the year. There might be leaks in the boiler’s body, or the metal tubes may be clogged.

Cleaning The Tubes

The tubes inside the boiler are responsible for heating the water. These metal tubes heat up to produce steam and warm the water. You can try to clean the tubes yourself by using soap and water. However, hiring a local plumber to do the job for you is better. Clean tubes will improve overall efficiency and increase their lifespan. 

Keep A Track Record

Boilers are like racehorses. They lose their efficiency and speed as time passes. You need to keep track of the boiler’s performance over the years. If it takes longer to heat the water, it means that there is rust build-up or other lingering problems exist under the hood. Expert analysis of your HVAC in Edmonton will help you fix these problems before the onslaught of winter.

Replace Old Parts

As the boiler continues to produce steam, it is constantly exposed to moisture. As a result, the metal parts can become rusty over time. The small metallic parts are difficult to assess for a layman. On the other hand, an expert plumber in Edmonton can help you replace old parts and fix the new ones without a hassle.

Avoid A Boiler Replacement

It will help you avoid a boiler collapse. A new boiler can cost $1,300 to $4,500 without installation. The cost of a new boiler and installation can be anywhere from four figures to well into five figures. So keep your savings for a fun vacation rather than paying for a boiler replacement. 

A boiler maintenance service from Capital Plumbing & Heating will keep your boiler running at a minimal cost. So don’t wait and get a maintenance service for your boiler before it’s too late.