Mould spores are all around us, but you can suddenly notice its rapid increase in winters. Mould forms because of moisture, warmth and needs food to grow in your homes. When you deprive the mould by restricting the moisture and warmth, and food for it to form, you can stop it from growing, but you can’t kill what is already there. The mould spores will stay dormant and will start growing back again if not treated and taken care of by professional mould remediation techniques, So, it is vital to prevent the mould from forming in the first place.

How to Prevent the Mould Growth?

The importance of the prevention of mould growth should be taken very seriously. Doing so will keep the building strong and everyone on the property healthy. The important part is to know how to prevent mould growth. Make sure the walls of your homes are well-insulated. A well-insulated wall will not only prevent condensation but also cut down on your heating and cooling bills.

Do a Weekly Mould Check

The best way to prevent mould is to check for indicators like moisture buildup and leaky pipes. Once or twice a week, do a complete walkthrough of all rooms of the entire house, from checking under cabinets; drawers; to checking the dark corners and the unused spaces. Increased ventilation where mould problems exist and try to keep the windows open at most times to keep the ventilation on the go. When possible, allow the rooms to air out completely.

Clean and Disinfect Immediately

As soon as you find the mould or water, it is crucial to clean it up right away. Commercial cleaning products like bleach and soap and water will do all the trick. The key to it is to completely clean away all the mould spores to prevent re-growth and leave the space as dry as possible.

Check near the Carpet Area

Carpet is a big no-no in humid places, especially in winters, as mould develops between the carpet and concrete foundation, creating a problem.

Prevent Water Build Up Around the House

A yard or a garden bed sloping inwards drains water towards your homes. Take note of the ditches forming and direct the water away from your home to prevent mould growth.

Prevent Mould Growth with a Dehumidifier

In the regions where humidity is a common problem, especially in the winter months, it may rain for weeks without an end, providing minimal opportunity to air out the house. Dehumidifiers work the best by reducing humidity by drawing moisture out of the air.

Wipe Down the Condensation on Windows

Mould can grow on the paint or dust, and if possible, consider replacing windows with more energy-efficient systems as it can act as a breeding ground for mould formation.

Mould spreads quickly and gets into the hidden places of houses, so getting it repaired is a must. If you need mould removal professionals, contact the trained experts at Capital Plumbing immediately for the best service in town!