Your home’s water line is its lifeline. Without it, there won’t be any fresh water to come into your property. Problems with the waterline can happen, and they can be a huge headache. Therefore, it is vital to ensure you have a smooth and continuous supply of fresh water. 

Most homeowners think nothing can go wrong with their water lines because they are generally strong and durable. Still, the possibility is there, which is why you need to be aware of several factors that can disrupt your water supply. 

What Can Cause Water Line Damage

As mentioned, there are several reasons your water line can get damaged. Some of them are due to these factors: 

  • Regular wear and tear
  • Tree roots
  • Material corrosion or deterioration
  • Poor installation
  • Buildup of sediment
  • Shifting of soil under the surface
  • Mineral deposit
  • Frozen water
  • Dirt, dust, and gunk buildup

What Are the Common Water Line Issues

Here are some common water line issues you need to be aware of: 

  • Noisy pipes: Most of the time, a noisy pipe is caused by the air. When air enters the water line, it will make a loud noise and vibration in the pipes. Resolve this by draining the water line completely. 
  • Leaks: Multiple reasons, such as corrosion, can cause leaky pipes. If you notice a leak, make sure it’s repaired as soon as possible. 
  • Low water pressure: Several reasons can cause low water pressure, such as leakage, clog, etc. The first step to solve this issue is to find the real cause, which means you need a reliable plumber to do that for you because the process can get tricky. 
  • Burst pipes: This is one of the biggest plumbing issues that can compromise your water line. Call a professional right away when this happens. 
  • Frozen pipes: This type of plumbing issue occurs in extremely cold areas. When this happens, the water in the line freezes due to low temperature, and it will cause a blockage. Resolve this by wrapping the pipes in heat tapes. You can also prevent this happening by setting the thermostat in a higher setting, especially when you are about to leave for the holidays. 

Make Your Water Line Run Smoothly

Problems with your water line are a major headache you don’t want to get into as much as possible. Therefore, ensuring your water line is running smoothly is crucial. Use the tips listed above to help you identify the common causes of water line issues and what you can do to resolve them. 

In most cases, you need to hire a reliable plumber to get the job done. Don’t try to solve complicated plumbing issues on your own or else, you could make things worse than it is. 


Even if you haven’t experienced issues with your water line, it’s vital you ensure that there’s proper plumbing maintenance on your property. With that, you need to do this regularly to ensure that your pipes are working properly. If there are any issues, they will be addressed immediately before they turn into a major problem. All you need to do is find a reputable plumbing company. 

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