Don’t you just enjoy unwinding in the bathtub after a long day? But what if we told you that regular use of the bathtub increases the chances of its drains to clog. It sounds scary; after all, who wants to deal with clogged drains, right? But we have some tips that can help you prevent your bathtub drains from clogging, such as.

Use a Drain Cover

Your and your pet’s hair are your drain’s worst enemy. You may not see the damage immediately, but over the years, hair can buildup in your bathtub drains and cause it to clog. There’s a simple way to prevent hair clogs—get a drain cover. These come in various styles, including silicone and stainless steel, and they catch the hair and prevent it from washing into the drains. You can find drain covers at your nearest plumbers supply store.

Avoid Oil and Grease

Oil and grease are the next enemies of your drains. Grease, which usually comes from animal fats and vegetable oils, can build up in your bathtub tubs and block pipes. Your scented body oil is probably the root of such grease buildup. The solution? Save it after you have towel dried, let it soak in, and then wipe it off with paper towels.

Wash Down the Drains Regularly

As a precaution, you can always wash down your bathtub drains to breakdown any clogs forming within. You can either use vinegar or baking soda. If you want to use vinegar, pour half a litre of it down the drain, let it sit for three minutes, and pour hot water over it. For baking soda, toss a handful of it down the drain, followed by hot water.

Avoid using chemical drain cleaners to wash down your bathtub drains. They are toxic, and they release fumes that can cause breathing problems, rashes, or burning eyes. They also damage your pipes from within as they contain harsh chemicals, especially if your pipes are made of PVC. And they are not suitable for the environment, either. They usually end up in the groundwater and end up contaminating it.

Let Some Water Flow

Lastly, a simple trick is to let some water flow after you have finished using your bathtub. You don’t have to waste a lot of water, but keep the shower running for a minute or two. This will wash down the debris properly.

Contact Capital Plumbing

The best way to avoid clogs in your bathtub is to contact Captial Plumbing—the best plumbers in Edmonton. We offer various drain maintenance and cleaning services that ensure your drains are healthy and free of any issues or clogs. We also use specialized drain cameras to inspect your drains thoroughly. We suggest you have your drains inspected and serviced by our skilled plumbers at least once a year to keep your home’s drainage system in a healthy condition. Give us a call now.