Do you see a whitish, greenish thick film of deposit developing around your faucets or showerheads? Those are limescale buildups that shouldn’t be avoided, especially in an area like Edmonton that receives moderately hard water. These mineral buildups of calcium carbonate are residues of hard water and can undoubtedly create havoc in your plumbing. If it is not attended on time, these mineral buildups can easily burn a hole in your pocket.

We are listing a well-curated plan to help you remove the existing scalings and prevent them from occurring again and in turn, save money by looking into your plumbing matters.

Install Water Softeners to Prevent Limescale

Water softeners are considered the most effective way to get soft water running through your taps. All professional plumbers in Edmonton suggest installing water softeners to avoid limescale deposits. A water softener is a device that filters hard water consisting of calcium and magnesium ions into soft water with sodium ions. These devices are also easily attachable to any plumbing system. However, it is important to have these water softeners maintained in a while so they don’t breakdown leaving you with sudden plumbing emergencies.

Use Vinegar to Get Rid of Scales

Vinegar is a strong acid agent that can easily help you get rid of limescale buildups. There are two ways to use vinegar to scale off the limescale. One can mix white vinegar with water and spray on the faucets or walls where the limescale deposits are visible. Apart from that, you can also soak a towel in the vinegar solution and wrap it around the faucets or showerheads. This will cause the limescale flakes to come off. However, if the limescale has completely disrupted the shower plumbing, you might want to consider replacing your showerheads.

Use Anti-limescale Magnet

Like water softeners, anti-limescale magnets are devices to soften the extremely hard water. However, these devices are a non-chemical alternative. Anti-limescale magnet comes in different forms and works by reducing the electrical charge calcium and magnesium ions. These ions are transformed into crystals and the limestones evaporate with the water instead of sticking to the walls of pipes. Plumbers in Edmonton can help you with the most appropriate anti-limescale magnet for your plumbing system.

Clean Toilet Surfaces with Borax Mixture

The toilet surfaces are hard to be prevented from limescale buildups, but it sure needs some treatment. Also, since the toilet surfaces are often not given immediate attention, the buildup becomes thicker. This thick buildup needs a strong removal technique. Now, vinegar alone cannot do all the work to get rid of this thick deposit, which is why the borax mixture should be used along with it. The application of mixture should be followed by a little scrubbing that scales the hard mineral deposit.

If any of these strategies fail to prevent or remove the limescale buildup, you should consider appointing professional plumbers in Edmonton, like Capital Plumbing, who have efficiently dealt with such problems. Moreover, our professional plumbers are equipped with the right tools that can solve even the most difficult plumbing issues so contact them and get your limescale issue solved at the earliest.