For a city like Edmonton, a water heater is like the fourth basic necessity (after food, clothing, and shelter)! For a city that experiences temperatures below 12°C for about nine months a year, the regular supply of hot water is crucial. If your previous water heater stopped functioning, you must call your water heater repair specialist immediately. But if you have recently moved to Edmonton, the first thing you must do is buy a water heater. When you go out in the market or go through various websites to buy a water heater, consider these aspects.

Count The Users

The first step to finding the right water heater is to count the number of people you have in your family. Are you the only one who will use the heater? Or do you have four to five people to use hot water? Based on your family members, you can estimate the amount of hot water you’ll need daily. Based on this estimation, you can select a heater of the right size.

Consider Your Budget

The next important consideration will be your budget. You don’t want to end up buying a water heater that is out of your budget and burns a big hole in your pocket. Therefore, find out how much you are willing to pay for the heater, and look for options that fit within your limit.

Select Your Type

The market is flooded with different types of water heaters. Some of the most common types include storage-type (tank) water heater, tankless (on-demand) heaters, gas heater, electric heater, and hybrid water heater. As the name suggests, a storage-type heater stores water, heats it when you switch it on, and provides hot water after a few minutes. On the other hand, a tankless heater doesn’t store any water. It provides hot water within a few minutes of switching it on. A storage-type heater can be further classified into gas, electric, solar, and hybrid. You can do your research and see which type fits your expectations, budget, and needs the most, and make the right choice so that you won’t have to call your water heater repair specialist if things don’t work out well in the future.

Think About the Design

If you are looking for a specific design of your water heater that can match the ambience of your bathroom or house, this consideration can be important for you. Consider the colour, shape, and size of all the heaters that you are considering. Select the one whose colour and shape matches the design of your bathroom or home and also your overall expectations.

Read Reviews

Apart from these, read what people have to say about various types of water heaters to understand if the heater you are considering is worth your money or not. Buy a heater that is known for providing the best results.

Now that you have understood what aspects are essential to consider before buying your water heater and how to evaluate your needs, you will be able to find the right heater for your home. Once you have bought your water heater, call the best water heater repair specialist around you and get the heater installed with precision.