Water Heating systems absorb a lot of energy that leads to excessive bills. People generally think it’s better to put the heating system off while on vacation to save money; however, there is a certain way to put your water heater setting on vacation mode to ensure it works efficiently while you’re back. Let’s understand how!

What is Vacation Mode?

Vacation mode is a water heater setting that ensures your system doesn’t consume energy as usual while you are away. Still, it allows you to run your boiler at a lower temperature. This not only saves you money but also prevents your pipes from freezing. All you have to do is adjust your dial to reduce your water heater’s activity, cut down on energy use, save on energy or utility bills, and prevent damage to the system. When you return, simply turn your dial back to its normal state, and hot water will soon be available. 

Where to Adjust the Vacation Mode?

There are several ways that the manufacturer of your heating system allows you to put your water heater setting on vacation mode. One of the very significant ways of doing this is by adjusting the setting on the thermostat itself. Newer model thermostats offer a ready vacation mode; all you need to do is select it and let the system do the rest for you. They even have the option to program your return date so that your system resumes heating in such a way that it provides hot water as soon as you return.

If your water heater doesn’t have a vacation setting, you can manually adjust the temperature by lowering the temperature to 50 degrees Fahrenheit or the lowest setting your thermostat allows. You can also turn down the temperature to pilot mode and leave it that way until you get back.

Why Should You Use a Vacation Mode?

Saves Money

The main reason for putting your water heater in vacation mode is to save money. There is no point in heating your system to 120 degrees when you will not be using it. Using vacation mode reduces energy consumption, which in turn reduces your energy bill.

Good for the Environment

Most water heating systems use electricity, gas or other fuels to heat the water. Using vacation mode while you’re away on your water heater can be useful for the environment as well. Lowering the temperature of your system reduces energy consumption, which preserves our depleting natural resources.

Prevents System Damage

Vacation mode reduces the water heater’s energy intake and full-blown operation, reducing the risk of the water heater’s components wearing out. It also reduces corrosion and the build-up of minerals inside your heater’s plumbing. Also, completely cutting off the power supply to your system while you are away can adversely affect the system. Using the vacation mode prevents freezing water from damaging your pipes and maintains its efficiency.

Confused about adjusting the vacation mode or installing a new water heater with inbuilt vacation mode, get in touch with a professional. In Edmonton, Capital Plumbing and Heating can help you with this; contact us today!