Get in action against the poor condition of your HVAC appliances this spring!. It is the ideal time to prepare your HVAC system for the upcoming warmer months. Most homeowners avoid getting their HVAC system repaired before spring because it is still winter. Your HVAC system can attract airborne allergens to the dirty air ducts, which can make your household sick.

You should consider scheduling a professional air conditioning tune-up for lower utility bills, increasing energy efficiency, and warding off repairs. Use this maintenance guide to prepare your HVAC system for spring.

1) Change Air Filters

One of the best things about an HVAC system is the quality of the air cleanliness.  An HVAC system is better at removing tiny air and dust particles as the air circulates through the system. However, this high quality of air is only possible if you clean your air filters regularly. With the arrival of spring, it is time to exchange your old filters with new ones to combat the risk of spring allergens and pollen.

2) Clean Air Ducts

Air ducts work alongside the filters. Thus, they too require a good cleaning. Your air quality becomes poor if you do not clear away all the dust built-up and grime. This even affects the airflow of your system. Dirty ducts can also make your HVAC system work harder to push the air. Ducts are an essential component of your system, so it is always a good decision to prepare your HVAC system beforehand.

3) Examine The Condensate Piping

The condensate pipe is an important component, as the condensation’s collection takes place here. Without correct functioning, you will be left with problems like mold growth, flooding or water getting into the system. Check that the drain and pipe are well connected to each other. Also, ensuring there are no damages or dents on them. Without these two working collectively, your HVAC system can be at risk. Prepare your HVAC system before the arrival of the spring to stay secured.

4) Listen For Strange Sounds

Sometimes even with the best measures taken, there will always be some minor issues left. Once you notice that your HVAC system may need some servicing, make sure you also listen to the sound it makes when you turn it on. If you notice any strange or weird sounds coming out of your HVAC system, this might be a sign that something is definitely wrong with your system. A quick look should be enough to find the problem. You may also require some professional help if the system has miserably failed.

5) Inspect For Basic Wear & Tear

Once in a while, it is a good idea to conduct a thorough inspection of your HVAC system regularly. A spring checkup is a must even when you fail to look after the system throughout the year. 

6) Seek Professional Advice

Even if you decide on dealing with your HVAC system on your own, it is still ideal to seek professional services from experts to make sure your system lasts longer and works efficiently for the longest time.

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