As the Holiday season swings into full gear, we’re sure that you will have plenty of festive celebrations planned. That’s why we’re here to help make sure that your home stays well-heated all Winter long! Don’t be tempted to focus on adorable decorations and forget the rest! Your furnace system is surely in need of some holiday attention too. Check out our top HVAC tips for hacking a totally cozy house, or yule be sorry! 

Check And Replace The Filter

Furnace filters do a very important job in every home’s HVAC system. They keep the air safe to breathe by trapping all kinds of debris and allowing everything to function properly.  A dirty air filter makes your entire heating system work harder to maintain desired temperatures, which means you’re wasting money and energy for less heat. A clean filter will ensure that your home is being heated evenly and at maximum efficiency as well!

Turn Down The Thermostat

Fun, festive gatherings often mean that your house will be full of more people than usual! This plus the probable constant cooking to whip up a celebratory feast can create a much warmer environment. The best thing to do in order to keep everyone comfortable and safe is to reduce the high heat your thermostat may normally be set on in preparation. This can also save you some stress and some money during the holiday season this year! 

Schedule A Maintenance Appointment 

Whether you’re using a furnace or boiler, a routine maintenance check around this time of year is always a good idea! Schedule an inspection to ensure that everything is working exactly as it should be, for extra safety and peace of mind. We don’t want minor problems to turn into major issues and regular checks keep everything running smoothly. Call our heating technicians today to evaluate how your HVAC system is functioning! 

‘Tis the season to be grateful for a fully functional HVAC system seamlessly heating up your home. For expert assistance with all your heating needs during the holidays, call Capital