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September 23, 2022


Identifying Water Line Problems For Repair and Replacement

Whenever a significant appliance or section of a building's infrastructure breaks, there's always a discussion regarding whether to fix or replace it. A repair may either postpone the eventual degradation of the item or resolve the problem. The same holds for faulty water lines!

When your water line causes difficulties, you must decide whether to replace or repair it. Here’s a guide to determining the right course of action.

Is Your Water Line Broken?

Here are some considerations to find out if your water line is having problems:

Wet Areas

Soggy lawns or ground outside the structure may indicate a water line problem. During dry conditions, additional water cannot accumulate by any means unless there is a leak in the water line. 

Low-Pressure Water

Suddenly dropping water pressure indicates a problem with your water line. If your water pressure is usually low, the problem may be elsewhere. However, a sudden dip suggests a water line issue.

Increase in Water Bill

You should have a professional inspect the water line if you see a sudden surge in your water bill. If you ignore this problem, it will worsen and cost you even more.

Repair or Replace?

The decision regarding the repair or replacement of the water line depends on certain factors. Some of them are as follows:

Repairs to the Water Line in the Past

If a water pipe had troubles before, it was probably repaired. Knowing your water line's repair history helps you decide whether to fix it or replace it. A repaired water pipe is more likely to fail again. 

Water line repairs are usually only cost-effective once because having them repaired repeatedly will ultimately cause more problems. 

Water Line Age

Over 50-year-old water lines eventually lose operation! If your water line is beyond 50, it's not worth repairing.  Lead and galvanized pipes grow brittle with time. So if your water line is old, replacement is inevitable. 

Cost comparison

Consider the price difference between the repair and replacement of a water line. If the values are comparable, choose to replace them. However, a repair would be a better solution if it is 50% cheaper than a replacement.

Take Away

If you can’t decide on your own, contact Capital Plumbing and Heating to analyze the intensity of the problem. Moreover, their 24/7 availability makes it the perfect choice for you to make the call right now!

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