During the winter season, the furnace is used extensively, and that is why making sure your heating system is well maintained is of utmost importance. One primary way of doing this is changing the air filter regularly on time. It is advisable to check the furnace filter once a month and get it replaced at least once every six months. Here are some reasons why checking and replacing your furnace filter is crucial to your home’s comfort and your HVAC system’s productivity and efficiency.

A Clogged Filter Makes the System Inefficient

Dust and dirt are bound to accumulate in your system’s filter, affecting air quality and obstructing the airflow. Thus, the system has to work twice as harder, as usual, increasing the energy bills and carbon footprint and draining your budget. To avoid this, it is better to replace the air filter, which is quick and inexpensive.

An Unclean Air Filter can Affect Your Health

An unclean filter releases dust or mould that circulates in your home. Inhaling such low-quality air can cause allergies, sneezing, asthma and various other respiratory problems. Homes with pets experience extra dirt and dander in the air. A clean air filter can trap these infectious particles giving your family superior air quality to breathing.

A Dirty Filter also Makes Your Home Dirty

As dirty filter results in dust circulation in your home, the dust settles down on your floor, furniture, walls, etc. This increases your work at hand and is also time-consuming when it comes to cleaning. A clean air filter reduces the amount of dirt that enters your home as it traps it efficiently. This keeps your home cleaner and helps you utilize your time in doing things you love.

A Clogged Air Filter Reduces the System’s Lifespan

Dirty air filters make your system work harder than usual, which results in consuming more energy. This causes your system to overheat and burnout. The strain placed on your HVAC system can cause its failure or breakdown putting your entire investment down the drain. Furnace experts state that a clean air filter ensures the system’s smooth functioning, eliminating all of these issues, keeping its life intact.

A Congested Air Filter Increases the Overall Maintenance Cost

A clogged air filter can result in hefty bills against maintenance costs. It can lead to the accumulation of dirt and dust in your duct and blower, increasing the cost required to get them cleaned. People often tend to neglect the air filters, but mere checking and replacing them can avoid many other maintenance costs.

In addition to checking and replacing the air filter, it is also essential to undertake regular maintenance of the entire HVAC system on time. Capital Plumbing and Heating will give you the best services at an affordable price. We ensure the efficiency and productivity of the system are kept intact.