Carbon monoxide (CO) is present in low concentrations in the Earth’s atmosphere. However, the increased use of automobiles and other machinery that burns fossil fuel has led to the rise of CO, contributing to diseases caused by carbon monoxide poisoning. CO is even present inside your homes as fossil fuels are burned via furnaces and other home heating systems. Thus, installing CO detectors and monitoring the smoke levels are essential ways to protect the health and safety of your family. Without an alarm, CO is completely undetectable as it is highly poisonous, colorless, and tasteless. Let us discuss the top six reasons for installing CO monitors in homes:

Detects CO Levels in the Air

CO monitors provide the earliest signs of carbon monoxide poisoning levels increasing in your homes. The level of noise emitted by the alarm is loud enough to be audible across the entire house. It leaves plenty of time for you and your family to vacate the house and move to a safer place.

Signifies Damage to Appliances and Machinery

Having a CO monitor at your home is one of the best indicators to highlight that one of your appliances is not functioning properly. Many heat-producing appliances produce CO gas, resulting in carbon monoxide poisoning. Such appliances include snowblowers, lawnmowers, automobiles, gas water heaters, fuel-fired furnaces, gas water heaters, wood stoves, gas stoves, gas dryers, and fireplaces.

Warns About Potential Health Hazards

A CO monitor alerts everyone in the house about the presence of CO in the air before anyone suffers from any kind of symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. These symptoms include nausea, dizziness, or headaches. If you feel any of the symptoms, seek medical attention on an urgent basis. They can be the first signs of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Avoids False Alarms

CO monitors are designed strategically to be stable with the changing temperature and humidity levels. They avoid false alarms and respond only to the presence of carbon monoxide and any other household gases.

Alerts Everyone near Your House

The CO monitor will alert you about the growing presence of CO in the air even when you are not at home or when the security system is not activated. The system is apt to contact you as well as any first responders on an immediate basis.

Provides Safety

The CO monitor provides proper safety to all those who are not able to respond to the alarm themselves. This includes anyone who experiences the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning, pets, children, the disabled and the elderly.

We at Capital Plumbing highly recommend installing a CO monitor and smoke detector in your home, and if possible, on each floor. It provides several benefits to keep your home safe and secure. If the alarm sounds on the CO detector, be alert and make sure to open all windows and doorways for fresh air to get circulated throughout your home. Contact Capital Plumbing for more information on carbon monoxide poisoning.