Having a quality, energy-efficient boiler, furnace, or any other type of heating system is highly desirable in any home. Unless your home is also well-insulated, however, you will find that heat escapes fast through the ceilings, floors, and walls – not to mention poorly glazed windows. So, if you want to make the most of your heating system in Edmonton or Stony Plain, make sure to follow the handy home insulation guide below.

Windows: Sealants and Double Glazing

Seal up any gaps in window frames and invest in double glazing. What you spend on getting double glazing fitted will be saved many times over on your heating bills. This is due to the double glazing stopping heat from escaping through cracks between window panes and window frames.

Wall Insulation

Cavity walls and solid walls will need to be insulated in different ways. With both wall types, however, stopping updraughts and adding in insulating layers between the wall and the wallpaper are an excellent idea. In addition, if you have a cavity wall, that cavity can be filled with insulating material to keep your household nice and warm. Solid stone walls can be particularly bad in terms of keeping heat from leaking out; in fact, solid walls allow twice as much heat to pass through compared to cavity walls. To address this problem, your local heating expert in Edmonton will help you in keeping your living space energy efficient.

Ceilings and Attic Spaces

All too many homeowners neglect their attics. What they don’t know is that a poorly insulated attic is one of the prime reasons why heat escapes from your ceiling. One handy solution is simply to lay fiberglass insulation down in the attic. This insulating material has been used for decades to provide a heat-trapping layer in the topmost regions of your house. Even the addition of a thick carpet on an attic floor will help to insulate it against any heat escaping.

Need Any Extra Advice?

Just get in touch with a professional and ask them if they can help you to identify areas that you need to address when it comes to insulating your home.