We’ve all heard that bigger isn’t always better, and the saying also holds true for furnaces. Larger furnaces don’t heat up your house any faster. In fact, they cause more problems than they solve. Let’s dive deep into what the issues caused by a big furnace in your house are. 

But before you get worried after reading these problems, keep in mind that experts at Capital Plumbing and Heating are just a phone call away. 

Short Cycling 

We know furnaces heat up our houses by releasing warm air in frequent cycles. However, most people don’t know that larger furnaces have a shorter cycle that lasts from about 10 to 15 minutes. 

This will keep your unit turning on and off, increasing the wear-and-tear damage to your furnace. 

Reduced Lifespan

The life expectancy of a furnace depends on regular maintenance. An oversized furnace will likely have a reduced life span due to its poor efficiency and constant short cycling. 

Scheduling furnace maintenance before winter kicks in is the right way to go if you want to avoid such problems. Feel free to reach out to Capital Plumbing, as we are always ready to help.

Higher Electricity Bills 

Prices are skyrocketing, and high electricity bills are the last thing you’d want to have. Large furnaces can’t accurately meet the demands of a thermostat and take up more power, which results in higher electricity bills. This is the most common yet overlooked problem with oversized furnaces. 

Higher Repair Costs 

An oversized furnace will likely act up more often due to the constant on-and-off cycles. This causes frequent malfunctions and requires a lot of repair work. 

But there’s nothing to worry about because we have an emergency plumber ready for you 24 hours a day.

Uneven Temperatures

Your furnace heats up based on the temperature you’ve set on the thermostat and shuts off when that temperature is reached. 

Seems pretty simple, right, but wait… 

Oversized furnaces tend to give uneven hot air through your house. This makes some rooms heat up quicker than others.

It feels like Antarctica in one room and the Sahara desert in the other.

In cases where the thermostat is located in a room that heats up faster than the others, it’ll cause the furnace to turn off without completing the job. 

Need A Local Plumber?

The best possible solution to an oversized furnace is to replace it with one that is perfectly sized for your house. Finding the perfectly sized furnace for your house can be tricky, and most people get it wrong without expert advice. 

However, you may feel free to contact Capital Plumbing and Heating for any furnace-related problems or advice. We’ll have a local plumber ready for you anytime.