Now that the summer season is upon everyone once again, checking on your furnace might be the last thing in your mind right now. It’s no wonder that some homeowners get the shock of their lives when, after months of collecting dust, they turn on their furnaces only to find that it no longer works.

This is why it’s important to check on your furnace as soon as summer comes to avoid such nasty surprises. For one, it may already be the most opportune time to have your furnace replaced with a newer, more energy-efficient model. Furnace service providers can help you out in deciding whether your furnace needs replacement or not by listing down these factors that you’ll need to watch out for.


Typically, a well-maintained furnace can last for as long as 25 years. Keep in mind, though, that a furnace can last for this long when properly maintained. This means that you’ve been doing your part in ensuring its optimal performance, including consistently changing the filters, cleaning its components regularly, and scheduling semi-annual or annual inspections. Failing to do these simple maintenance tasks would only give your furnace 10 to 15 years of optimal performance, give or take.


Owning a furnace would definitely be costly, yet it doesn’t have to make up most of your energy bills. In fact, it’s time to consider replacement as an option when you notice that, despite using your furnace like you normally would, your energy bills begin creeping up. Also, replacement may already be a viable option when you find that you’re spending more time having it repaired than enjoying its warmth in your home.

Constant Problems

What are the problems that you usually notice with your furnace? Perhaps it’s already having a hard time controlling temperatures, resulting in big temperature differences in different rooms. Maybe you’ve been noticing that the cycle of your furnace turning off and on occurs more frequently than usual. Also, you may want to consider replacement when you already hear a humming sound coming from your furnace.

Why do these problems matter? Calculate all the repairs or potential repairs for your furnace, and you could be spending $1,000 or more in just a span of a few years. That’s already 20 percent of the price of a new and more energy-efficient furnace.

Once you notice these telltale signs, it’s important that you get your furnace and have it installed by furnace installation professionals in Edmonton, like those from Capital Plumbing & Heating.