A proper functioning garbage disposal helps take out the waste and keep the sinks and pipes clean. Problems with the garbage disposal can affect the functioning of these pipelines and impact the way you cook, clean your kitchen, wash utensils, etc. Inefficient waste management can also lead to a foul smell in your home. It is best to get them checked at the earliest and undertake timely garbage disposal maintenance. Some of the signs that state something wrong with your garbage disposal are as follows.

Water Leaks

Water can seep into areas where the disposal connects to the rest of the plumbing system. These leaks can cause water accumulation around your sinks, cracked pipes and even near the garbage disposal. However, the cause of the water leak can be different, and only a professional plumber will find the root cause of it. Quite often, problems related to garbage disposal are unnoticed until they cause significant damage. It is best to always be on the lookout for such leaks and get them treated at the earliest.

Constant Resets

There is a reset button in your garbage disposal that helps the appliance overcome large clogs and loads. The need for using this option shouldn’t arise frequently if your disposal system is in good working condition. If you find the need to undertake constant resets to get the load cleared, it is an indication that the garbage disposal is wearing out. Also, even loose wiring can lead to frequent resets. Regular garbage disposal maintenance can be the best way to keep you away from such problems.

Weird Noises

Garbage disposal noises are common and can be pretty loud. The issue generally gets rectified with quick adjustments. This often happens if a spoon may have slipped in or any other silverware in your garbage disposal. The metal sound can be checked and treated by you itself. But if that is not the reason, it is advisable not to ignore any noise coming out from the garbage disposal as it can damage the entire system.

Stubborn Clogs

Clogs are the most frequent issues faced with drains and garbage disposal appliances. Everyone is aware that the food particles need to be washed away in the drains in small amounts. It is also advisable to undertake weekly drain cleaning at the residential level to avoid such trouble. But if you notice that no matter how cautious you are about what goes down the drain, the clogs don’t seem to get cleared, then the problem is not with your washing habits. This indicates that either your appliance has broken down or you need a higher capacity of garbage disposal model.

Apart from these, persistent odours, lack of power, and inferior performance signal something wrong with your garbage disposal. Regular garbage disposal maintenance is as vital as the rest appliances in your home. It ensures your system stays unclogged and functions smoothly. For quick and reliable assistance, you can get in touch with us. We have our expertise in taking care of the entire plumbing system.