Every home’s plumbing system plays an essential role in the smooth functioning of day-to-day activities. While it’s the season to pack all sweaters, you also need to ensure your home plumbing is set for the season change. As the accumulated snow begins to melt, it tends to wear down the systems. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the entire plumbing systems are vital in every season. Here are a few tips to ensure your residential plumbing is ready for spring.

Check for Leaks

The first thing to do is to check for leakages. Leaks can happen anywhere, and for several reasons, hence it is important to inspect every pipe. Significant leaks are easily noticeable, but you should also look out for minor leaks, which can lead to extensive damage over time. Some common areas where leaks can happen include under the kitchen sink, bathroom sink, around your water heater, around other water appliances, etc. If you notice faulty pipes or leaks, it is best to take a professional’s help and get it rectified immediately.

Clean Your Drains

Getting your drains cleaned regularly is always a good idea. Clogs and buildup cause annoyance and hindrance for you and the entire plumbing system. Weekly cleaning at the home level is highly recommended, using baking soda, vinegar, hot water, etc. Avoid using chemical cleaners as they can severely damage your pipes and destroy coating on your sinks. Apart from this ensure taking the help of an expert service provider to get away with even the slightest clogs.

Flush the Water Heater

Sediment buildup is bound to happen over time due to hard minerals present in water. The amount of sediment depends on the primary source of water. This buildup occurs at the bottom of the tank leading to corrosion. This makes the water heater work twice than usual, damaging the heating system and increasing the energy bills. Make sure to flush the tank to get rid of this accumulation. As water heater problems generally occur inside the system, this flush can help professionals detect any potential issues before they get serious.

Look for Damages

Irrespective of the season, it is always advisable to look for damages. During winter, extreme cold and snow can significantly damage the plumbing system of your home. Frozen pipes can cause cracks and broken connections which can affect the plumbing system as a whole. If such lines and connections are left untreated, the damage can be severe. As soon as you notice such damages, ensure to call a trusted service provider for help.

Call for Professional System Check

Undertaking regular professional maintenance and preventive care goes a long way in maintaining your plumbing system’s longevity. A full check of the entire system ensures that even the slightest problem is rectified before it can pose a threat. It is best to place this work in professional hands, and Capital Plumbing and Heating is one such service expert. We are a team of skilled and licensed technicians who ensure your plumbing system’s effectiveness is kept intact before we move into the spring season. Our quality services are affordable and reliable. Get in touch with us today!