A common question that we get asked as plumbing experts is – Why is my water heater popping? Should I be worried about it?

Water heater popping is a common complaint that we get. The popping noise that comes from the water heater is caused by sediments at the bottom of the water heater tank. The solution is quite simple: the tank needs to be flushed. You can do this by yourself or call a professional plumber to do it for you. But, before getting to the solution, it is first essential to know why this problem occurs and how this noise is a serious problem.

The popping noise of the water heater means it is running inefficiently, which increases your utility bill as a result. But over time, this buildup causes damage to the water heater.

What Is Sediment And Where Does It Come From?

Sediments are the loose mineral that flows through water. This sediment from the water settles down at the bottom of the tank, which causes your water heater to work inefficiently and this further causes damage to the tank if it overheats.

Why Does Sediment Buildup Cause Popping Noise?

The popping noise occurs due to the steam bubbles escaping from the sediment. The water heater’s heating element is situated at the bottom of the tank, where the sediment settles and mixes with water. This water under the sediment begins to boil and tries to escape this sediment layer which, as a result, makes the popping noise.

To avoid a potentially expensive and dangerous plumbing crisis, understand the frightening sound of your water heater to know what it means and prevent it from further happening.

Popping Sounds From The Water Heater

The most common sound a water heater makes is popping. When it occurs, it is an indication that the water heater has an excessive amount of mineral deposits settled at the bottom. This is problematic in areas that have hard water. Mineral deposits include lime and calcium, debris and sand materials that travel through the water supply. Eventually, this buildup of gunk in the tank creates a ruckus in the system. If you do not pay attention, the water heat becomes too much, water will boil and continue to flow over the sides of the tank. The pressure from steam bubbles causes the water tank to explode if the model has become old.

The Solution:

Fortunately, there is an easy solution to it. The best way to prevent this sediment buildup is by having the water heater flush them out, removing sediments and all the mineral deposits. Capital Plumbing experts can help you by flushing and filling your water heater once a year to prevent the buildup for better performance with increased lifespan.

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