The Edmonton summer of 2015 was the hottest recorded during the last 30 years. Although this location is known for its harsh winters, it is just as true that staying cool during the height of summer is just as important. If the same is to be expected for this year, it only makes sense to find ways to keep cool while summer is still far away. Choosing a modern air conditioning unit will help ensure that this is the case.

Choosing the Right Unit

The first aspect to consider is the strength of the air conditioner that is required. Selecting too large of a system can dramatically increase electrical costs while one that is too small may not cool a home or office to the optimum temperature. This can be a rather scientific process and is based on such factors as internal dimensions and the types of insulation present (including double-glazed windows). The best way to determine the model required is to utilize the services of a professional installation firm.

Central Air Conditioning

As opposed to a window-mounted or standalone system, central air conditioning makes use of a series of ducts and fans to effectively cool a larger area such as an entire home or office. These mechanisms are now highly advanced and thanks to improvements such as zone controls alongside energy-saving benefits, it may make sense to look into installing central air. This can be an in-depth process and unsurprisingly, the use of an expert third-party is always recommended.


Much like a heating system, air conditioners will need to be maintained regularly. This is particularly the case in terms of more sensitive parts such as relays and filters. Such actions will help to dramatically extend the lifespan of the unit while enabling the cool air to effectively circulate when it is needed the most. Should a system become clogged or dirty, its efficiency will be dramatically reduced, and cooling bills will inevitably mount.

Air conditioning is a modern convenience that should be present within every home and business environment. There are several different solutions to choose from and as energy-saving devices are now being stressed, even the largest units can be extremely efficient. Speaking with a qualified Edmonton air conditioning installation and repair company is the first step in choosing the most appropriate model.