Home is where you feel comfortable and cosy. And for the utmost comfort, it is important that your home has proper ventilation and protection from harsh weather conditions. No one likes a home that is too hot or too cold. In a country like Canada, it is important to keep your house warm for sheer comfort and good health. While the best heating devices can cause a dent in your finances, there are many budget-friendly ways to keep your house warm too. Here are some house heating tips that are light on the pocket:

Use Drapes to Cover the Windows and Doors

Proper barriers are important to prevent the flow of cold breezes. Good quality curtains are beneficial to keep your house warm. Not only this, they prevent the outflow of inner heat as well.

Let the Sun In

Sunlight is a natural heat source, so proper exposure to sunlight will keep your house warm. If your city gets a few bright sunny days even during the cold weather, you need to let that heat in. Make sure that your house has properly placed windows and no other obstacles for letting the sunlight into your house.

Get a Well-Functioning Fireplace

Making a fireplace is not that costly, however, it serves great to keep your house warm. It is the most ancient and cheap method to keep your house warm. Keep a good supply of firewood and you are good to go.

Insulate as Much as Possible

Good layering is the best protection from cold. Use good quality rugs on the floor so you can walk without feeling cold. Cover your mattresses with blankets, which will help produce heat. Insulate the house walls with wooden boards, hard boards or plastic sheets. This will not only stop the inflow of cold in your house but will help you retain the heat inside the house for a longer time.

Check Your Plumbing

Bad plumbing or clogged and broken water pipes cause damage to your house. Water seepage into the walls causes discomfort, damages the infrastructure and brings the cold with it. Therefore, check the plumbing for a smooth hot water supply in extremely cold conditions.

Use Heat Reflectors and Thermostatic Radiators and Geysers

Heat reflectors amplify the generated heat by keeping it within the house. Apart from this, a thermostatic radiator is a must-have for the cold weather. For your hot water needs, invest in a good quality geyser.

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