A furnace system has a lifespan of 15 to 20 years. While approaching 15 years, the system may be subject to constant repair and maintenance. Here you are left to decide whether you wish to repair, replace or upgrade the furnace system. The furnace experts suggest upgrading the system to energy-efficient furnaces as they are superior on several levels compared to the regular furnace. With advanced technology, there are a variety of types of furnaces to choose from. The one-time investment in such a system can prove to be very beneficial in the long run. Here is a list of benefits associated with energy-efficient furnaces.

1) There is an Increase in Energy Savings

One of the essential benefits of energy-efficient furnaces is they provide an increase in energy savings. In contrast to the pilot light, which is activated continuously in the regular furnace, in an energy-efficient system, electronic ignition is only engaged when the furnace is used. This results in less wastage of fuel, which leads to a reduction in energy bills and conserves resources under depletion, benefiting your pocket and the environment.

2) It is Environmentally Friendly

Energy-efficient furnaces play a significant role in reducing wastage, which helps in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This greatly helps to reduce pollution and save natural resources. These furnaces are considered to be better for the environment because they have a low carbon footprint and lower carbon dioxide emissions due to fuel efficiency. In short, these furnaces are less polluting than the older furnaces.

3) It Improves the Indoor Air Quality

High-efficiency furnace systems do not have to function as long as regular furnaces, which means they undertake less combustion time. Reduction in combustion time improves the regulation of airflow. Also, some high-efficiency systems even contain and exhaust all the combustion products, improving the indoor air quality of your home. This makes the energy-efficient furnace safer as it provides good quality air for inhalation.

4) It Increases the Life of the System

With the advancements in technology and latest innovations in furnace systems, they have high energy efficient units that make them last longer than usual. They have resistance to chemical buildup and several other features that prolong their working life. Apart from this, the modern furnace systems have most models condense, having an internal system that helps remove moisture. This benefit keeps the system’s life intact and helps to extend the life of the furnace.

While considering if you should or shouldn’t upgrade your furnace system, it is vital to consider all factors and not just the investment cost. In the long run, energy-efficient furnaces go a long way in saving your money and time on constant repairs. In Edmonton, get in touch with Capital Plumbing and Heating, we will guide you on what will suit best for your home requirements and take you through the steps of the new installation. We are a team of skilled, experienced and professional technicians who provide quality and reliable services. Contact us today!