Canadians are big users of hot water. Nearly 20% of the cost of energy consumed by Canadian households is for heating water. Add to that up to 60% for heating the home, and it totals a whopping 80% of your utility bill. Where costs are high, there are usually savings to be made.

Even with modern fuel-saving technology, and the Energy Star products available today, trying to keep home utility bills down to a respectable level seems to be a never-ending battle. Yet it can be done with a little thought and the help of an expert plumber.

Changing from Electricity to Gas

Although the cost of natural gas has increased considerably more than electricity over recent years, it is still the cheapest fuel for heating water and home. If you have both services connected to your property, then changing from electricity to gas to heat your water and home should see an immediate reduction in bills.

Contacting a long-established firm of plumbers and asking for assistance with the changeover will ensure you have the most energy-efficient boiler to suit your needs.

Remaining Electric

But what if you don’t have or want gas?

Again, changing to a modern Energy Star-rated electric water heater will substantially improve efficiency and reduce costs, but working together with your plumber, other improvements will also help bring down those bills.


Is your home as well insulated as it could be? Maybe it’s time to add new loft insulation and check for gaps in window and door frames which need resealing. Is your water storage tank and pipe work lagged against heat loss, and do you have programmable room or radiator thermostats?

Have you had that dripping tap repaired, especially if it’s a hot water tap? Your plumber can check all this out, supply the most appropriate lagging, fit the different thermostats needed, and even fix that dripping tap, to make your set-up perform at its most economical.

Maximising Savings

There is also a range of things the whole family can do, to make maximum use of your new look, and more energy-efficient system.

• Get the family to take more showers than baths.
• Wash clothes in cold water, or at least just lukewarm, modern wash powders are manufactured for cold water use.
• Reduce your central heating by a few degrees. You might get a few moans and groans initially, but after a few days the bodies will adapt.

Taking advice from a firm of professional plumbers like Capital Plumbing & Heating will ensure you get the best energy-saving set-up for your money while doing your bit will help recoup that initial outlay as quickly as possible through lower energy bills.