For a smooth and undisturbed household chore, you need a healthy plumbing system. Any inconvenience in your main water line can hinder your work. It is the base of your plumbing system that supplies fresh and clean water. If by any chance, your main water line is damaged, then you need to fix it immediately as it will affect all the lines that are attached to it. This page will cover a few signs that will tell you that your main water line needs repair.

1) Low Water Pressure

If you see the water pressure decreasing every day, and even the regulator is boosting the water pressure, then there is definitely a blockage in your main water line. This will slow down your work, and it can be frustrating to use the faucets. Therefore, call the professional plumber and get it fixed.

2) Exorbitant Water Bills

During summers, you are likely to get higher water bills because of frequent showers, lawn cleaning, and other activities. But, if the bills are unreasonably high and you are not even using it that much, then your mainline is probably damaged. You must call out the professional plumber and get the thorough inspection and repair done.

3) Puddles in Yard

The mushy spots in your yard can be due to the leak in the mainline. Generally, you would find the grass growing on the pipe or puddles near your mainline. This is the indication that your mainline has a leakage and needs repair. It will keep your yard wet and muddy all the time, and lawn services will have its cost. Therefore, fixing it on time will save your money and your house.

4) Discoloured Water

If your mainline is corroded and rusted, then you would get discord water. Using such water for bathing and other chores can cause a risk to your health. To avoid such a headache, get your mainline checked and replaced immediately.

5) Crack in Your Foundation

The damaged main water line can cause massive harm to the structure of your house. The leakage in the main water line leads to the constant presence of moisture, which leads to a crack in your foundation. The painting, home renovation, and fixing the plumbing system can cost you a fortune. Therefore, periodically inspect your main water line and if you find any crack, call the professional plumber immediately.

6) Noises from Pipes

If the air is trapped in the pipes or there is a blockage in the mainline, then you might hear strange noises from the pipes. Such unusual noises must be inspected and be fixed instantly.

The main water line is an important part of your plumbing system, so make sure it is often in good condition. Any ignorance in your main water line will come at a great cost. For best plumbing service, connect with Capital Plumbing. Their quality service will deliver excellent results.