Buying a furnace isn’t as simple as showing up at a store and picking one that looks the best or has the best price. Buying a new furnace is an intricate affair and can be one of the largest investments you can make in your home. You should research well before buying the right furnace. The wrong furnace won’t heat your home properly and your purchase will be futile. Similarly, if you choose a furnace based on the price tag, you can end up with a large sum on the utility bill. Here’s a list of five mistakes to avoid while buying a new furnace:

Waiting for Your Old Furnace to Give Up

If you are trying to replace the old furnace at your home, don’t wait up. Furnaces are mostly required in the winters when you need heating in your homes from the harsh cold outside. Turns out, older furnaces tend to break down during the winter, just when they are required the most. Emergency furnace installation can cost you a fortune and that’s why it is highly advisable to plan ahead of time. This also works for you if you are moving into a new house and buying a new furnace.

Working with a Low-Quality Contractor

Buying a furnace and installing it is an expensive affair. A reputable contractor will advise you on choosing the right furnace for your home based on various factors. Many home buyers resort to low-quality, low-cost contractors that offer lower installation costs. Although this doesn’t seem like a big deal, faulty or poor furnace installation can land you with huge maintenance bills in the future. Not to forget, an inadequate furnace could also incur exorbitant heating bills.

Buying a Furnace Based on Pricing

If you search for gas, electric, or any other fuel type of furnace on the Internet, you’ll get a ton of furnace recommendations. Choosing the cheapest one from the lot isn’t always the right choice. Some cheaper furnaces may have higher maintenance costs or repair charges and heating bills. Choosing a furnace solely based on pricing is a big mistake that you should avoid.

Choosing the Wrong Size

HVAC systems are efficient when they are installed in apt sizes, based on the size of your home. Too big and the furnace will break down early; too small and it won’t be able to heat your home or provide enough heat as required. This is why we highly recommend reaching out to a reputable contractor, such as Capital Plumbing, to choose the right size and the right fuel type to satisfy all your requirements.

Replacing an Old Furnace Without Resolving Existing Concerns

As mentioned earlier, a furnace installation solely based on price or plain recommendations is a mistake. Similarly, replacing or buying a furnace without resolving existing issues can be a problem too. You should reach out to a contractor with a detailed account of what’s wrong with the exiting heating solution, such as any issues in the ductwork, if some rooms are hotter or cooler than some others, or if you need purification, a humidifier or dehumidifier for your home. There are many moving parts here and a reputed and trusted contractor will consider these pointers before recommending the right furnace for you.

Don’t just blatantly believe what the Internet says is the “best furnace”. Every home has a different set of requirements and that is where experts from Capital Plumbing come to your rescue. We are highly trained professionals dealing in HVAC solutions for more than two decades and work with reputed and trusted suppliers and manufacturers to recommend the best furnace based on your needs and requirements. Don’t worry, as your furnace installation is just a phone call away.